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Without the right digital photography equipment, you can't produce the work you want to. Get the inside scoop on the latest photo gear to hit the market and learn a few tips for making the most of your setup.

Ready To Roam
Bags, gear and accessories to travel light without sacrificing photo capability
Ready To RoamTravel light and be prepared. These are the keys to enjoying photography away from home.

Toolbox: Fast Wide Zooms
These versatile lenses are an ideal choice for travel and scenic photography
Toolbox: Fast Wide ZoomsWide-angle zoom lenses are often far more practical as a purchase for photographers than a telephoto or even a standard do-it-all zoom.

The Do-It-All Lens
All-in-one zooms that can cover wide-angles to telephoto
The Do-It-All LensOver time, many pros build up an impressive arsenal of lenses for specialized use, but if you're just starting out, superzooms are a great way to save on cost while still being able to cover most subjects.

High-Power Monolights
For versatility in and out of the studio, these high-output strobes are ideal
High-Power MonolightsWhen it comes time to invest in in serious strobe lighting, many photographers opt for the versatility of monolights.

Pop-Up Studio
Build a kit of essential gear for shooting on location
Pop-Up StudioWhat does it take to get pro results practically anywhere?

Toolbox: Tablet Tech
Rounding up the latest tablet computer models for portable portfolios and image-editing on the go
Toolbox: Tablet TechThanks largely to the convenience factor, mobile tablets are slowly but surely over-taking the more powerful desktop and laptop market.


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