Coastal Sea Stacks

Coastal Sea Stacks
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They stand like enormous sentinels just offshore, as if guarding the beaches or headlands they've stood in front of for eons. Dark, brooding and even a little spooky when you stare at them long enough; their size is a little intimidating. It's not hard to imagine them coming to life - becoming animated - and causing a frightening amount of damage. Godzilla would have nothing on them. However, all they are is ancient - and incredibly resilient. They've been around for millions of years. But for the last 100 or so years of Oregon's coastal tourism history, they, and the areas around them, have served as major attractions and sources of fun and awe. As obvious and as imposing as they are, they have their hidden sides and aspects. And so do the areas in which they reside.

April 29, 2009
(Oregon Coast) Garibaldi Tillamook, Oregon

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