The Classy Couple

The Classy Couple
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These two are transplants to the Ozark Mountains from France. Surrounded by redneck culture, their love for fine wine and European fashion means that they consistently do not fit in. After learning about them, I wanted to show that contrast... A classy couple dancing in front of a barn. Production notes: This was quite a feat. After it stopped raining just in time for sunset, I had this setup: A speed light on the barn, two on the couple, one really high behind me for the ground since rain delayed the shoot till almost dark, and another on the scarf. Off camera I had an assistant holding the scarf taught. Counting to three I had the couple go into the dip on "one", the gas powered leaf blower start up on "two" and the scarf release on "three". I waited until the scarf looked like I wanted it to and pressed the shutter. It took many tries as we raced the sun, but in the end I was pleased with the mood and emotion captured.

May 17, 2013

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