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Shooting a tidal wave frozen in time right before it crashes is merely capturing a moment; the small space of time taken to flick the shutter in a camera. What you are left with is a flat, static shadow of that moment devoid of emotion, and though it was reality at the time it was taken, the moment can never be relived, and is trapped in the space of an image. This image is a response to the photography Sally Mann, who creates eerie images that have essences of reality but look painterly and distorting, leaving the viewer pondering the reality of the photograph, never entirely sure but left in a state of reverie. Seeing that fragment of the world in a photograph however, is just an illusion of understanding that particular space. The message portrayed in a photograph is a mysterious and ambiguous one, and instead of giving you full understanding of that message, it is open to interpretation and gives you an association to the world that allows you to question its reality. Ironically, the ability to capture reality in all its beauty comes from photography

October 27, 2011

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