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September-October 2014


  • Capture The Light Field

    Is the Lytro Illum the future of photography?

    Lytro came on the scene in 2012 with its first light field camera.



  • Balanced Illumination

    Shutter speed is the key to mixing flash with ambient light

    Low-light flash photography can be frustrating, especially when you're new to it.
  • Exploring Fall Colors

    Capturing the essence of autumn and the change of seasons

    We come inside with dewy shoes and arms full of firewood.
  • Ground Control

    Exploring aerial photography with DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+

    Drones are a hot-button topic.
  • HDR Basics

    Rescue detail in high-contrast scenes with this simple technique

    There's a common misunderstanding about what HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography actually means.
  • Images With Impact

    Techniques to enhance the visual experience of a scenic photo

    One of my digital photography workshop participants, Gary Potts, strives to make images with impact.
  • Multi-Shot Noise Reduction

    Composite several exposures to practically eliminate noise

    As great as digital camera sensors and processors have become at combating noise, this film grain-reminiscent interference can still rear its ugly head at high ISOs and in long exposures.
  • Photo Experience

    Classes, tours and workshops offer valuable instruction and insights to sharpen your skills

    Whether you're a total beginner or an experienced pro, there's always something new to learn in photography.
  • Remote Control

    Tools and tech to compose and trigger your camera from a distance

    Controlling your camera remotely is useful in a variety of situations, from macro photography to group portraits to positioning your camera in places where you can't comfortably be.
  • Seeing The Light

    Understand these six qualities of light for optimal in-camera exposures

    We all want to get the very best in-camera exposure, and a good exposure is all about correctly capturing light, the main element in every photograph.
  • Shoot Pro Video

    Tips, advice and gear for getting cinematic motion from still cameras

    Creating the type of camera movements and high-quality editing you see in a major motion picture is largely due to the talent of the crew and their abilities with very specific filmmaking tools.
  • Street Portraits

    Mixing the spontaneity of candid street photography with the goals of portraiture

    There's some debate about exactly what street photography is, and this debate also spills over into the realm of street portraiture.
  • Taking Wing

    When inspiration arrives in your own backyard

    Inspiration can come to visit at anytime.


  • Fast Portrait Fixes

    Give your portraits a professional, polished glow in just a few minutes

    Everyone wants to look their best (and maybe a little better) in photographs.

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