Monday, October 8, 2007

Buyer's Guide 2008: Digital Camera Accessories

Gear and gadgets to make your photography more productive, rewarding and creative


Choosing the right accessories is as important as selecting a camera and lenses. There are so many creative possibilities of which you simply can't take advantage without certain pieces of gear—filters, tripods and unique extras like underwater housings. To get the most of your digital photography experience, set aside part of your budget for the accessories you need. Many of these items are also priced right to be a perfect holiday gift.

Since camera bags are definitely not in the one-size-fits-all category, we generally recommend photographers have two bags at their disposal-one for traveling light and one for carrying a large selection of gear.

For traveling light, a bag that's big enough for a single D-SLR and one or two lenses is probably sufficient. Shoulder-style bags like M-Rock's Grand Canyon, the Urban Disguise 10 from Think Tank Photo or the Billingham Digital Hadley all have ample room for carrying the basics, plus extra batteries, memory cards, and a picture viewer or portable hard drive.

Larger bags like Lowepro's Vertex 200 or Tamrac's Expedition 7 each has enough room for two D-SLRs, multiple lenses (including long telephotos), binoculars, flash, laptop, GPS unit, all your backup batteries and memory cards, plus each provides a place on the back to attach your tripod. Both have water-resistant zippers, and the Vertex 200 has a weather cover that can be pulled over the bag.



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