Canon EOS Rebel T5

Canon's new EOS Rebel T5 replaces the T3 as the entry-level model in the large EOS DSLR lineup
By The Editors
Estimated Street Price: $549 (with 18-55mm IS II lens) INTRODUCED 2/2014 Canon's new EOS Rebel T5 replaces the T3 as the entry-level model in the large EOS DSLR lineup, improving on its predecessor in a number of ways, including a 50% increase in pixel count, a more powerful processor, a…

Sony Alpha a77 Mark II

Quick phase-detection AF for both stills and video.
By The Editors
Estimated Street Price: $1,199 (body only); $1,799 (with 16-50mm ƒ/2.8 kit zoom) INTRODUCED 5/2014 Sony's new Alpha a77 Mark II DSLR (a77II, for short) improves upon its SLT-A77 predecessor in a number of ways, yet carries a price some $200 lower than the original a77 when it was introduced nearly…

Capture The Light Field

Is the Lytro Illum the future of photography?
By The Editors
Lytro came on the scene in 2012 with its first light field camera. Light field technology (hardware and software) captures all the individual light rays in a scene, allowing you to do some pretty incredible things with your images in 2D and even 3D and enabling a totally new way…

Sony Alpha a7S

A new wide-dynamic-range, high-sensitivity sensor for the smallest and lightest full-frame interchangeable-lens camera series, plus 4K video.
By The Editors
ESTIMATED STREET PRICE: $2,499 (body only) INTRODUCED 4/2014 Sony's tiny Alpha a7 and a7R brought full frame to the mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera—the a7, with a 24.3-megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, and the a7R, a 36.4-megapixel one with no OLPF (optical low-pass, or anti-aliasing, filter). Now comes the a7S, with a…

Samsung NX3000 Smart Camera

Innovative connectivity combined with high image quality.
By The Editors
List Price: $479 (with 20-50mm kit zoom and SEF-8 flash); $529 (with 16-50mm ED OIS power zoom and SEF-8 flash) INTRODUCED 5/2014 Samsung's newest NX mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera is the NX3000, combining a very compact and stylish retro body design with high-tech features. A big-sensor brother to the new NX…

Samsung NX mini Smart Camera

Currently, the thinnest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera.
By The Editors
List Price: $449 (with 9mm lens); $549 (with 9-27mm zoom and SEF-7A flash) INTRODUCED 3/2014 While Samsung's previous NX mirrorless, interchangeable-lens cameras feature 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensors, the new NX mini uses a 20.5-megapixel one-inch (13.2x8.8mm) BSI CMOS unit that allows for a very small camera size—it's the thinnest and lightest…
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