Basic Tech: HD Video And Autofocus

DSLRs with HD video are the wave of the future. Is lagging autofocus a thing of the past?
By William Sawalich
If, the first time you picked up an HD video-enabled DSLR, you blasted full-speed ahead into figuring out how to shoot video without reading the owner’s manual (as I did), you were undoubtedly surprised to discover how poorly your camera focused (as I was). There’s a misconception that DSLRs can’t…

Smart Cameras

Powerful processors and advanced technology give today’s digital cameras some remarkable features
By Mike Stensvold
Today's D-SLRs and advanced compacts pack plenty of processing power into their little bodies, and their manufacturers are taking advantage of it to provide better image quality, quicker operation, longer battery life and a number of features that wouldn't have been possible not so long ago—things like Live View with…
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