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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Olympus EVOLT E-330

The tilting live-view LCD monitor meets the D-SLR

In B mode, you get Macro Live View. The SLR mirror flips up and locks, so the eyepiece shutter isn't needed. But since the light can no longer reach the TTL AF sensor, focusing is manual only. In B mode, you can zoom in on the live monitor image for easy manual focusing. Incidentally, the manual focusing ring on the E-330 is electronic. The advantage is that you can set the camera so that infinity-to-close-up is clockwise or counterclockwise to suit your preference; the disadvantage is that it lacks the "feel" of mechanical manual focusing, which takes a little getting used to.

One caveat with Live View: Obviously, no dioptric eyepiece correction is available for the LCD monitor, so if you need eyeglasses for near viewing, you'd better take them (or a loupe) along if you intend to focus using the LCD monitor rather than the SLR finder.

Of course, Live View is just the E-330's "marquee" item. This is a full-featured D-SLR, capable of handling just about any D-SLR shooting need. Image quality is excellent at lower ISO settings and good at higher ones, and AF and metering performance are very good. Despite its flat-topped, odd-for-an-SLR shape (which actually helps make possible the Live View feature), the E-330 feels good in the hands, and it's easy to make any desired camera settings.

Contact: Olympus, (800) 622-6372, www.olympusamerica.com.

Sensor Size: 7.5 MP, Four-Thirds size
Lens Equivalent Factor: 2.0x
Shutter Speeds: 60 to 1/4000 sec., and Bulb
Flash Sync: up to 1/180 sec.
Built-In Flash: Yes
Shooting Speed: 3 fps
Size: 5.5x3.4 2.8 inches
Weight: 19.4 ounces
Street Price: $999 (body only)

Standout Features

• Tilting, 2.5-inch Live View LCD that shows you what your lens is seeing as you shoot

• Supersonic Wave Filter automatically removes dust from the sensor each time you switch on the camera

• Four-Thirds-format, 7.5-megapixel NMOS image sensor is bigger than sensors in compact digital cameras, resulting in lower noise and better color, especially at higher ISO settings

• Slots for both CompactFlash and ultra-compact xD memory cards

• Unique, comfortable, flattop SLR camera design introduced in the EVOLT E-300


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