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Monday, August 17, 2009

Nikon D5000

This easy-to-use SLR offers great image quality and HD movie capability at a knockout price

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Nikon’s second HD movie-capable D-SLR, the economy-priced D5000 shares many of the D90’s features, yet lists for $270 less. Note that like the D40 and D60, the D5000 doesn’t contain a focusing motor and so provides autofocusing only with AF Nikkor lenses that have one built in: the AF-S and AF-I series lenses. This is a concern only to potential users who have an arsenal of older AF-Nikkor lenses, as Nikon currently offers 29 AF-S lenses, with focal lengths from a 10-24mm zoom to a 600mm supertelephoto. This provides the D5000 user with 35mm-equivalent focal lengths of 15mm to 900mm—enough to cover just about any AF photo need.


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