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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Equipment TestDrive: Nikon D70

The debut of a new digital SLR that’s reasonably priced and highly capable

Nikon D70 TopUnlike their film counterparts, digital cameras are both camera and computer, built into a very compact package. The computer elements in a camera take time to power up and get ready to perform, which usually means a delay between switching on the power and actually taking a picture. Like the professionally targeted Nikon D2h, the new D70 features no startup time, so it's ready to go as soon as you turn it on. Anyone who has missed a shot while waiting for the camera to get ready will immediately see the benefit to this feature.

The camera is an enthusiast's camera. In addition to the advanced digital technology, the D70 has a variety of shooting modes and a new menu system that's easy to navigate. Among the modes are Portrait, Full Auto, Landscape, Close-Up, Night Portrait and Night Landscape. The images, once taken, are optimized for the new PictBridge technology that allows in-camera selection and direct to-the-printer PictBridge printing. This helps ensure that you're getting good-looking prints for those fast, direct-to-printer images that are sometimes so convenient to make.

All in all, the new D70 looks like a very capable camera that has been thoughtfully designed for photography enthusiasts. It incorporates the latest technology in a solid package and at a very reasonable price. The D70 is the latest digital SLR to further the erosion between film cameras and digital cameras in terms of ease of use and capability. Estimated Street Price: $999 (body only).

Contact: Nikon, (800) NIKON-UX, www.nikon.com.



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