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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Equipment TestDrive: Nikon D2h

The new high-end digital-SLR from Nikon is built for shooting speed

Nikon D2h

A new 4-megapixel sensor is at the core of the new Nikon D2h. Its predecessor, the Nikon D1h, was a very popular camera among action photographers, and what it lacked in ultra-high resolution it more than made up for in its ability to operate at high speeds. With the introduction of the D2h, Nikon takes aim once again at the high-speed action photographer.

The D2h has a brand-new CCD image sensor. At 4.1 effective megapixels, the sensor isn't the highest resolution in the market, but there's more to image quality than just megapixels. The new CCD is a JFET Imaging Sensor, developed specifically for this camera. JFET stands for Junction Field Effect Transistor, and the new technology in the sensor produces the high level of image quality that you'd expect from any Nikon SLR, plus it achieves very high-speed performance.      

The new technology in the D2h also renders very low noise and excellent sharpness, detail and color accuracy. Image processing in the camera is carried out on a new ASIC that smooths artifacting in the image. The new D2h is optimized for top performance in challenging conditions, such as low-light situations.



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