Hands-On Review: Sony RX10 III

The Sony RX10 III is, as the name denotes, the third in the line of RX cameras
Text & Photography By David Schloss
Forbes Island, the incorrectly-named, cramped and awkwardly bobbing manmade structure in San Francisco’s harbor would seem like an odd place to test the new Sony RX10 III. The structure, built in the 1980’s, resembles an island (complete with lighthouse) but is, in fact, a barge of sorts, powered by a…

Hands On With The New Fujifilm X-Pro2

A first look at two eagerly anticipated cameras
Text & Photography By David Schloss
The release of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 should come as no surprise as Fujifilm named the first camera in the X-Pro series THE X-Pro1, practically guaranteeing a sequel. The X-Pro1 was announced in 2012 and featured an APS-C sensor, the largest size found in compact digital cameras at that time. Much…

Camera 2.0

In an era of automated homes and smartphones, why are our cameras so dumb?
By David Schloss
When my iPhone wakes me with a gentle alarm in the morning, it also sends a signal to my thermostat to turn up the temperature downstairs and instructs my coffee pot to start brewing some hot, black coffee. The LED light bulbs in the room slowly brighten and change hue…

Hands-On Review: Fujifilm X70

High-end optical quality in a compact package
By David Schloss
The diminutive X70 is a camera that Fujifilm is very proud of, and rightly so. When I sat down to talk to the company about the new members of the X-Series cameras, which include this new shooter and the X-Pro2, the PR team was especially excited about the X70 because…

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1R II

From travel portraits to low-light street photography, this full-frame, 42+-megapixel camera delivers excellent image quality in a compact package
Text & Photography By David Schloss
The high-end compact digital camera has always lived an uneasy existence. Nestled awkwardly between affordable, entry-level point-and-shoots and expensive “pro” cameras, the high-end compact camera has tried to be a little bit of both—light enough to go anywhere, good enough image quality not to regret leaving the SLR gear at…

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

This capable, palm-sized camera brings high-quality images at a lower-end price point
Text & Photography By David Schloss
The OM-D E-M10 Mark II is the latest camera from Olympus, and while the name designates it as an update to the OM-D E-M10, in actuality, the camera is more of a reboot. The original E-M10 was a scaled-back E-M5, and while the E-M10 Mark II is mostly a scaled-back…
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