Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tablets For Photographers

Download, edit and shape your images on the go with one of these popular mobile devices

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Microsoft Surface RT; Dell Latitude 10
Microsoft was late to the game in the modern tablet wars. I say "modern" because remember the Tablet PC in 2002? Microsoft's new tablet iterations, Surface RT and Surface Pro, were released more than two years after Apple's iPad reignited the category, with the RT variant on sale last fall, followed by the Pro model earlier this year.

The main thing you need to know about Surface is that RT and Pro are very different. Surface RT runs Windows RT, while the Pro model runs Windows 8. Although both tablets can import, view and edit photos and video, RT is limited to apps specifically designed for it, while Pro can run traditional desktop software you may already own, like Adobe Photoshop.

The default Photos app provides the basic functionality of importing and reviewing images; Surface Pro also offers the Photo Gallery and Movie Maker apps, both free, for making simple edits and corrections. Third-party apps to expand the capabilities of RT and Pro are available through the Windows Store.

If you're looking to use your tablet primarily for importing and viewing photos, Surface RT is less expensive, starting at $349 for the 32 GB model. For more robust photo-editing capability and the ability to run traditional Windows desktop software, Surface Pro starts at $899.

Windows 8 tablets are also available from other hardware manufacturers like Acer, ASUS and Dell. The Dell Latitude 10 is priced at $649, with 64 GB of storage, and like Microsoft's Surface Pro, can run desktop software like Photoshop.

At the time of this writing, recent news suggests that the PlayBook, BlackBerry's tablet, is on its way out. BlackBerry has announced that they won't introduce the company's newest operating system, Blackberry 10, to its PlayBook model, appearing to signal the end for the product line, which never really caught on in the market.

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