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Studio Strobes

Monolights for premium studio light

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640 Ws | 4.3 pounds | 1/2000 second | 0.1- to 1.7-seconds recycling

The feature-packed Einstein E640 offers a nine-stop range of output that's adjustable by 1/10 ƒ-stops. The unit can fire off prior to full charge, as well, for fast flash bursts at lower power. Two modes are available: the Constant Color mode, which keeps color temperature consistent, and the Action mode, where minimized flash durations will sync with fast shutter speeds to freeze subject movements. A rear LCD screen displays menus and settings, and an Easy Set button establishes basic parameters for shooting right away. An optical trigger and standard 1/8-inch PC sync cord make it useful as a slave unit, and there's also a 250-watt modeling lamp. With globally universal power capabilities from 95VAC to 265VAC, the E640 automatically will determine correct power. Paul C. Buff also manufactures the portable Vagabond Mini Lithium power system, which weighs only 3.5 pounds, yet can power up to four Paul C. Buff flashes. An international version is also available (120-230V). List Price: $499 (Einstein E640); $239 (Vagabond Mini Lithium).

300 Ws | 1.98 pounds | 1/3200 seconds (full power) | 0.1- to 3.0-seconds recycling

With a fast-action minimum power flash duration of only 1/8600 seconds, the TritonFlash Head with a seven-inch reflector offers 19 power settings that are adjustable in 1/3-stop steps. The compact "soda-can"-sized unit measures in with a diameter of only 3.5 inches and a length of 5.51 inches. Stepping up to the TritonFlash Kit adds an optional (but required) dedicated power pack that provides up to 750 full-power bursts on one charge and up to 30,000 flashes on minimum power. A single battery will power two TritonFlash heads with the same power levels, as well as a speedlight with an optional dedicated flash cord. There's a 35-watt modeling light, a built-in optical slave sensor and included shoe-mount sync cord. The modeling light has a 10-second auto-shutoff for extending battery life, and the unit can be operated worldwide (100-240VAC). The system is also available in the TritonFlash OctoDome Strobe Kit with an extra small XS 1.5-foot softbox. List Price: $879 (TritonFlash Head); $529 (TritonFlash Power Pack); $1,349 (TritonFlash Kit); $1,499 (TritonFlash OctoDome XS Strobe Kit).


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