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Video Microphones

Ideal on-camera mic solutions for DSLRS

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The RØDE VideoMic Pro is compact and efficient, powering for up to 70 hours from a single 9V battery and weighing less than a fifth of a pound. It includes three steps of sensitivity and an 80 Hz high-pass filter for minimizing low levels of ambient noise like camera motors. The Stereo VideoMic Pro is offered as a similar solution, but with a wider angle of pickup thanks to an array of two cardioid mics. The Stereo VideoMic Pro will pick up more background audio than the VideoMic Pro, making it an ideal solution for live concerts or events. Estimated Street Price: $229 (VideoMic Pro); $299 (Stereo VideoMic Pro).


Similar to a film production, dedicated external audio recorders give you uncompressed audio for far more leverage during the editing process, especially when recording dual soundtracks, one as a backup to the camera and one to a dedicated audio recorder. Audio recorders and XLR adapters (XLR-to-mini-jack for DSLRs) let you use XLR connections, which are professionally balanced against signal loss and interference from other electronics for 100 feet or more. They also give you access to pro-level mics, which often have to power from dedicated camcorder systems and are therefore incompatible with DSLRs. (When using dual sound recording, you have to sync audio with video files during the editing process; for best results, you need a clapper or on-camera hand clap. However, syncing is generally a simple extra step that even can be automated with programs like Singular Software's PluralEyes.)

The Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO audio adapter enables direct capture of audio to DSLR video files. It includes two XLR inputs with 12- or 48-volt phantom power for using professional-level microphones. There are also built-in VU meters, limiters and transformer-balanced inputs for controlling and monitoring audio levels. List Price: $449.

juicedLink's Riggy Micro is an XLR adapter and preamp that's small enough to mount to the top or bottom of a camera. An optional accessory bracket also makes it useful as a camera rig
for adding mics, wireless receivers and other accessories. There are three XLR inputs, wireless capabilities for lavaliers and a 3.5mm stereo output with a balanced preamp that
lets you capture audio directly to your video without the need for an audio recorder or dual sound. List Price: $399.

The Roland R-26 includes two separate internal microphone designs that can be mixed together for achieving the best sound. There are two hybrid XLR/TRS (mini-jack) inputs, and the unit offers 48V phantom power, enough for feeding a stereo micro-phone. The unit captures audio in up to six independent channels and three stereo channels. Estimated Street Price: $499.

The Tascam DR-40 includes adjustable microphone arrays and Neutrik Combo jacks for using an XLR or 1/4-inch microphone. There are several modes for controlling distortion, hum and audio peaking, including a Dual Recording mode that captures an automatic backup at a lower level (-12 dB) for a redundant copy of audio that can be used when the main track is distorted. Estimated Street Price: $199.

The Zoom H4n has been a go-to audio-recorder solution for DSLR videomaking for a couple of years now. The built-in stereo mics offer an angle pickup of 90º or 120º with an X/Y configuration for natural depth without time lag between the mics. The H4n will capture four channels of sound sim-ultaneously for mixing and matching the onboard mics with external microphones. Estimated Street Price: $249.


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