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Buyer's Guide: Photo Accessories

By Ashley Myers-Turner Published in Buyer's Guide 2015
Crumpler Flaked Extravaganza
Crumpler Flaked Extravaganza
Hoya EVO Antistatic Filters
Hoya EVO Antistatic filters feature high-performance optical glass with a new antistatic coating that repels dust. Sixteen-layer Super Multi-Coating reduces reflections, transmitting 99.8% of the light. Hoya EVO Antistatic protective, UV and Circular Polarizer filters are available in sizes from 37mm through 82mm. Estimated Street Price: $45-$110 (Protective and UV Filters); $85-$180 (Circular Polarizers).

LensPen has created the new Invisible Carbon compound for their LensPen Elite line, which cleans surfaces, yet doesn't leave any black carbon residue. LensPen has expanded this specialized technology with several applicators: five photo cleaners, a ScreenKlean for tablets and SmartKlear for smartphones. List Price: $8-$14 (LensPen photo cleaners); $19 (ScreenKlean); $9 (SmartKlear).

Manfrotto E-702 Pro Light Camera Cover
Protect your camera kit from rain and sand with the Manfrotto E-702 Pro Light Camera Cover. The right size for a DSLR and up to a 70-200mm long lens, the transparent TPU panels and waterproof hand sleeves provide viewing and access to camera and lens controls. The stiff lens hood can be adjusted and tightened to fit the diameter of your lens. List Price: $75 (E-702 Pro Light Camera Cover).

MindShift Gear's water-resistant Filter Hive contains an accordion-style insert with color-coded, felt-lined slots for storing glass and resin filters. The Hive carries up to six flat, 4x6-inch filters and six round filters up to 82mm in diameter, including 1.5cm-thick Variable ND filters. The Hive has a belt mount, as well as a grab handle with a side-release buckle for hanging from a tripod. List Price: $54.

Tiffen's set of Diffusion Effect Filters, including Pearlescent, Satin and Black Satin, is available in ring sizes from 40.5mm to 82mm. The Pearlescent filter softens contrast and reduces blemishes while muting colors for a more pastel palette, providing "halo" highlights. The Satin and Black Satin filters soften sharpness while subtly reducing contrast for smoothing blemishes, wrinkles and other textured surfaces. List Price: Varies by ring size.

MindShift Gear Filter Hive


As digital cameras increase in speed, resolution and video capabilities, it's important to make sure your cards are keeping pace. Photographers interested in high-speed CF cards suitable for video capture will want to look for the UDMA 7 (Ultra Direct Mode Access) rating. For SD cards, a U3 card will record 4K, and U1 will record HD. Top manufacturers to consider include Lexar, Transcend, Hoodman, Kingston and SanDisk.

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