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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Recommended extras for getting the shot

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Cotton Carrier's Carry-Lite Strap and Holster System uses a patented locking system. The camera hub slides in and securely mounts in the holster, then quickly releases when turned 90°. Included with the Carry-Lite is the Cotton Carrier Hand Strap and Universal Adapter Plate for quick and safe transitions from handheld to tripod use. List Price: $139.

HoldFast Gear's Ruck Strap

HoldFast Gear's Ruck Strap employs leather fasteners to secure the camera to the 2.3-inch-wide Duck Canvas strap. Two front pockets provide space to store memory cards, credit cards and IDs. A rear elastic band holds an additional battery or roll of film. List Price: $145.

Peak Design Clutch Hand Strap
Peak Design's seat-belt-style Slide Sling Strap smoothly adjusts from shoulder to neck strap, matching your body shape. The Clutch Hand Strap similarly adjusts to your hand and loosens for full camera access while maintaining a low profile. Both the Slide and the Clutch connect to your DSLR using Peak Design's unique Anchor Link system. List Price: $60 (Slide Sling Strap); $40 (Clutch Hand Strap); $20 (Anchor Links).

The 10.5-inch-long and 1.5-inch-wide molded nonslip TPR rubber pad keeps the Black Rapid Cross Shot strap comfortably in place. Worn across your torso on either shoulder, it's usable for both right- and left-dominant shooters. The Black Rapid patented FastenR, ConnectR and Lock Star hardware with Lock Star Swivel Hook Cover keep your camera safely connected to the strap. List Price: $44.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250
The ClearWhite white-balance system includes a durable neutral-gray card and white-balance filter on a neck strap with a soft fabric bag. The gray card has a texture-free surface to assist in spot-checking your sensor. List Price: $59 (4"x4"); $89 (5"x5").

Quickly attach the Flex Lens Shade directly to your lens or lens hood with the heavy-duty Velcro® straps, then shape the shade to block unwanted lens flares or protect your lens from drizzle, dust or dirt. The Flex Lens Shade is made from Ballistic nylon and weighs 1.2 ounces. List Price: $29 (52mm lenses and smaller); $39 (52mm lenses and larger).

The Lighthouse 250 Lantern by Goal Zero provides up to 48 hours of continuous light after charging via a Nomad solar panel, USB power input or hand crank. A dial gives control over 180° or 360° of light direction, as well as low, high or turbo light output. The Lighthouse 250 Lantern also has the ability to recharge your USB device, such as a phone, GPS or tablet. List Price: $79.


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