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2014 Editors' Choice Awards

Wouldn't it be awesome to have an interchangeable-lens camera that's virtually impervious to the elements, one you even could use to dive into underwater photography without the hassle and expense of underwater housings?
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2014 Editors' Choice Awards
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RICK SAMMON'S PHOTO SUNDIAL APP Our friend and longtime contributor Rick Sammon's new Photo Sundial app designed for iOS 7 is an excellent reference for any photographer shooting outdoors. View the current position of the sun relative to your surroundings and where shadows will fall, check sunrise and sunset times for your locale, see weather forecasts and more to help you get the best natural light photographs. The app also includes a photo gallery with Rick's top tips for sunrise and sunset photos. List Price: $5 from the iTunes App Store. Contact: Rick Sammon, —WP
As more photographers adopt mirrorless cameras, we're also looking for high-quality lenses to go with them. Zeiss has created light, compact autofocus lenses specifically for APS-C sensors that are fully compatible with the Sony NEX- and Fujifilm X-series cameras. The wide-angle Touit 2.8/12 and the standard-focal-length Touit 1.8/32 lenses are built from robust metals to withstand heavy usage. A grippy focus ring aids in precise manual focus, and the Carl Zeiss T* antireflective coating reduces ghosting and flare. Estimated Street Price: $900 (Touit 1.8/32); $1,250 (Touit 2.8/12). Contact: Zeiss, —AMT
Lens choice is the primary benefit of interchangeable-lens cameras, and between camera and lens makers, we have an incredible range of options. But what if you really want to use your old Hasselblad lenses with your brand-new Canon EOS 70D? Novoflex offers a variety of mechanical adapters that lets popular camera models mount lenses from several other manufacturers, both old and new. A handy "Adapter Finder" on the Novoflex website will guide you to the right model for your camera and lens combination. Estimated Street Price: From $159. Contact: Novoflex (HP Marketing Corp.), —WP
I usually don't get too tricky with my paper selections when I'm making prints. But when a friend gave me a print that was made on aluminum, I wanted to experiment with metallic surfaces, but I wanted to do it from my home printer rather than a lab. The Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 has become my medium of choice as I test different images. Its metal-like surface maintains rich blacks, and where the paper white would come through, I get the reflective, bright metallic look that I find so interesting. The print has a luminance that I don't get on plain paper. Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 is available in several sizes. Estimated Street Price: Varies. Contact: Moab By Legion, —CR
GoPro's HERO wearable video action cameras have become popular for their ability to put the viewer right into the action, plus their low price. The new HERO3+ is 15% smaller and lighter than its tiny predecessor, but twice as powerful, with 30% better battery life. It can shoot 1080p video at 60 fps and 720p at 120 fps in ultrawide, medium and narrow formats, with improved audio. The HERO3+ can also shoot 10-megapixel still images at up to 10 fps, plus time-lapse at intervals of 0.5 to 60 seconds. It's waterproof to 131 feet. Built-in WiFi and the GoPro App let you operate the camera remotely, and transfer photos and videos to your smart device. You can also save images and videos on microSD cards. Estimated Street Price: $299. Contact: GoPro, —MS
The iPhoneographer inside each of us is always looking for the perfect multitasking iPhone case. Really Right Stuff's aircraft-grade aluminum XC-iP5 case for the iPhone 5 and 5S is both style-savvy and robust. Coupled with the B2-XJ clamps, the case can be secured to RRS tripod heads and accessories. This is perfect for experimenting with the growing number of slow shutter speed, time-lapse and video apps. The sleek, one-ounce case doesn't interfere with signal strength and is available in black, silver, red and gunmetal gray. List Price: $125-$130 (XC-iP5); $60-$65 (B2-XJ clamps). Contact: Really Right Stuff, —AMT
Available in several common lens mounts, the Singh-Ray 10-Stop Mor-Slo neutral-density filter is the ultimate in gaining artistic long exposures for effects like cotton-candy blurs to running water and subtly blended moving clouds. The optical filter allows you far more leverage with depth of field for very shallow focus even in extremely bright conditions. It adds a pleasing warm tinge to images, easily correctable through custom white balance or editing, and if looking for shorter or longer exposures, Singh-Ray also offers a 5-Stop Mor-Slo and other neutral-density filters in varying strengths. These can be stacked together with the 10-Stop for up to a massive 18 extra stops of density, useful for controlling the sun in an image or city scenes where you're interested in removing passersby from a scene while still retaining buildings or backgrounds. These effects can't be replicated digitally. List Price: Begins at $350. Contact: Singh-Ray, —DW

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