Control Your DSLR With An iPad

The system will be available in June for $499. Check out this breakdown at Cinema 5D. 
By William Sawalich
Last week was the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. That's when television companies and video equipment makers get together and showcase all their new stuff. And it's where Manfrotto unveiled a new device called the Digital Director. It's the only Apple-certified interface for operating a DSLR, adjusting…

Stop Belittling Beginner Photographers

If we photographers are having a hard time finding work these days, it's nobody else's fault but our own.
By William Sawalich
David DuChemin is a heck of a photographer. He's also, it turns out, a pretty great photographic philosopher. You see, DuChemin recently published a bit of a rant on his blog, and it's one that my peers would do well to read. I am a professional photographer, and I've noticed…

Adobe Releases Lightroom 6

Several new features include HDR Merge and Panorama Merge, Facial Recognition and support for new cameras and lenses
By Wes Pitts
Adobe today released Lightroom 6 and updates to Lightroom CC with multiple new features including HDR Merge, Panorama Merge, Facial Recognition and a Filter Brush. Alongside the desktop software update, Lightroom for mobile devices also received enhancements like support for Android tablets and TIFF support on iOS. Compatibility with several…

The New Tech That Might Make Your Smartphone Camera More Like A DSLR

This could mean some serious improvements in the future of iPhone cameras. Yes, the technology could mean even thinner cameras, but my complaint about my iPhone camera is definitely not that it's too big.
By William Sawalich
For a long time I resisted the idea that a smartphone camera, even a great one, could ever be taken seriously for photography. But I know when to admit I was wrong, and on this one I was wrong. I still prefer my DSLR for "serious" shooting, but dang if…

Breaking In Your First Lighting Kit

It's a simple but powerful tutorial; the kind of stuff the Strobist does best.
By William Sawalich
Here's a great post from David Hobby, better known as the Strobist, on what to do with the equipment once you've made your first foray and strobe equipment. The idea is, you've got a strobe, you purchase a stand and an umbrella and a bracket to connect it all together……

Turn Your iPhone Into A Disposable Camera

Twenty-seven exposures later, the app automatically sends those frames to the printer, and you receive 27 prints a few days later—just like the good ol' days of disposable cameras.
By William Sawalich
You remember disposable cameras? They were these yellow cardboard boxes you purchased for eight bucks or so, shot the roll of film inside, then dropped the whole contraption in the mail and received prints a week or so later. Well now with Photojojo's new Disposable Camera App you have the…
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