Canon’s New 250-Megapixel Sensor

Used to capture video, the sensor produces resolution more than 125 times greater than 1080p HD, or about 30 times larger than 4k!
By William Sawalich
Canon has announced that it has developed a record-setting new CMOS sensor capable of producing a 250-megapixel image file. The 19,580 x 12,600-pixel, APS-H-sized sensor is apparently able to resolve the lettering on the side of an airplane from more than 11 miles away. The sensor can readout 1.25 billion…

Why Photography is Fun Even If It Doesn’t Make You Rich

Check out the Open Mike column from The Online Photographer
By William Sawalich
I love The Online Photographer blog because I feel like Mike Johnston really is a thoughtful photographer, and a particularly thoughtful writer about everything pertaining to photography. To that end, allow me to recommend that you read his recent column that I quite enjoyed. It's all about the desire for…

Avoiding Scams That Target Photographers

If a message sounds too good to be true it probably is.
By William Sawalich
In an era when many budding photographers are hungry for work, it can be easy to be taken advantage of by scammers. I receive photographer-specific scam emails on a practically weekly basis, and I know from friends and colleagues that I'm not alone. I've gotten pretty good at spotting photo…

A New (Digital) Twist On An Old (Holga) Idea

You'll be seeing plenty of digital Holgas in the hands of your neighborhood hipsters much sooner than later.
By William Sawalich
Are you old enough—or hip enough—to recall when Holga plastic cameras were all the rage? I remember shelling out $15 for my first one 20 years ago at Freestyle Camera in L.A. I still have it, actually. But the thing is, I don't really use my plastic film cameras very…

A Fun, New, Instant-Print Camera

It's instant because it prints out a shot using crystal-based dyes in just a few seconds, and the 10-megapixel digital sensor sends a digital image file to the microSDHC memory card.
By William Sawalich
I have a problem: I don't print my photographs very often. Consequently, I have lost that little bit of joy we all used to get when we picked up our packet of prints from the drugstore, or when we pulled out our Polaroid for family snapshots and party pics. The…

Turn Your iPad Or iPhone Into A Graphics Tablet

Best of all, if you already own an iPhone or iPad, your new graphics tablet costs nothing beyond the $5 price of the iPhone app download.
By William Sawalich
I love my graphics tablet. Switching from a mouse to a stylus for all my Photoshop work felt like I had gone from using a brick to a finely sharpened pencil. But the biggest problem with these graphic tablets tends to be their cost. They're a not-inexpensive way to revolutionize…
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