Not A Camera-Phone, A Phone-Camera

The camera specifications are certainly impressive: 20-megapixel, one-inch CMOS sensor, 4k video capability and a Leica zoom lens. 
By William Sawalich
For a few years now I've been practically begging camera and phone manufacturers to flip the script and, instead of putting cameras in phones, try putting a phone in a camera. Well Panasonic did that last fall with the Lumix CM1, which was only slated for limited release in Europe.…

The Oscar-Nominated Film that Doubles As A Lesson In Composition

As a test, randomly skip to any scene in the movie and I bet you a buck it also doubles as a great still photograph.
By William Sawalich
Last Thursday, all of Hollywood tuned in to find out which actors and what films would be nominated for this year's Academy Awards. One of the most nominated films is Wes Anderson's visually meticulous "The Grand Budapest Hotel." I had, coincidentally, just seen this film the week before and I…

Artist Beautifully Recreates Old Family Photos 

The thought came to me: if I were to replicate the image as well as possible, would I see more similarities?
By William Sawalich
In her series of photographs titled "Seven Generations of American Women," photographer Christine McConnell created new versions of old photographs of the women in her family dating back to the 1800s. By dressing in the uncomfortable clothes of the era, and wearing her hair and makeup in the styles the…

Why We Hate How We Look In Pictures

We don't like our pictures because we don't exactly recognize the face that we're seeing because it's the exact opposite of the face we're used to seeing in the mirror every day. 
By William Sawalich
I've long considered why it is that so many portrait subjects don't love their pictures. Even in instances when an objective third party might say, "Wow, what a great photo," the subjects themselves frequently hem and haw about how terrible they look in their photos. I assumed it had to…

The Year In Moons

The images are named for the traditional names given to each moon: Dancing Moon, Thunder Moon, Dragon Moon and so on.
By William Sawalich
As we await the new year to unfold in front of us, many photographers contemplate long-term projects to work on for the year. One such photographer last year was Jim Nickelson, a former NASA aerospace engineer who decided to photograph every full moon of the year as it rose or…

The Ansel Adams Act

The issue gets stickier when you get into the gray area of commercial photographers who may be working alone or amateurs who create a considerable footprint or employ technologies like quadcopter for aerial photography.
By William Sawalich
The new "Ansel Adams Act" is a bill that was introduced to Congress this month by Texas Representative Steve Stockman. According to a write-up on the bill at PetaPixel, the legislation "aims to restore the First Amendment rights of photographers by removing restrictions on taking photos in public places." That…
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