Portable Laptop And Camera Power

This device is really handy for a lot of uses
By William Sawalich
This new portable power device is so cool, it makes me want to travel on remote photo excursions. It's the Brunton Servo 120, a compact, high-performance, portable power pack that is ideal for photographers who travel in the outback, or those who simply want access to electricity in remote locations.…

New Datacolor Spyder Color Management Tools

It's Datacolor's Spyder5STUDIO, a suite of hardware and software that profiles monitors and printers
By William Sawalich
I'm a big believer in the importance of color management when it comes to making great digital images. Many years ago when I first upgraded to a basic color profiling system… well, the improvement in my work was significant. I knew, once and for all, that what I saw on…

The Camera That Prevents Cliché Photos

I wouldn't expect to see the Camera Restricta on store shelves any time soon
By William Sawalich
Are you concerned about your ability to make unique work? Consider investing in the Camera Restricta, a picture-taking device that prevents you from snapping photos that have been done before. Philipp Schmitt created the Camera Restricta, which uses GPS tracking to determine your location then search geotagged photos online from…

Photographer As Spokesmodel?

Paul Nicklen is featured in a new American Express commercial as he tracks and photographs brown bears in Alaska's Denali National Park
By William Sawalich
It's not often we photographers come out from behind our cameras to be the featured subjects in front of them. And it's even rarer for this to happen in a high-profile manner, right smack in the middle of popular culture. Yet sure enough wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen is featured in…

Making Satellite-Style Aerial Time-Lapse Videos

It's a really neat technique that anyone with access to a copter will be sure to want to try for themselves
By William Sawalich
Well this sure is cool. It's an "aerial time-lapse cinematography technique" that its creator calls a "satlapse." British photographer Jamie Brightmore uses a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter armed with a gimbal-mounted GoPro HERO4 action camera to create a wide-angle aerial view that, because it's taken with the camera pointing straight…

Does A Filter Really Protect Your Lens?

Can a filter save your lens?
By William Sawalich
There are two kinds of photographers: those who use UV filters to protect their lenses, and those—like me—who do not. I've always thought it was silly to worry more about protecting lenses, which I know can be very expensive, than about making great photographs. But now I have proof. Calling…
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