Photographing A Mysterious Island Mere Meters From Manhattan

Christopher Payne specializes in documenting American industry.
By William Sawalich
I recently read something the sad story of Typhoid Mary, who was essentially exiled onto an island off the coast of Manhattan. This lead me to investigate more about the island to which she was banished (North Brother Island), which led me to a beautiful book of interesting photographs by…

Photos Of The Early, Undeveloped Los Angeles Landscape

The earliest-known photograph of Los Angeles, from 1862, is also included, though my favorites are the shots depicting empty early versions of prominent intersections that today are in the heart of the city and lined with buildings.
By William Sawalich
Anyone who has lived or worked in Los Angeles—heck, even anyone who's visited for more than a day—is likely to have a hard time imagining these 72 suburbs as anything other than a huge, sprawling metropolis. But not that long ago, at the turn of the 20th century, in fact,…

Charge Your Camera While You Ride Your Bike

It installs with no special tools required, and it simply converts energy from your rear tire to your device. Brilliant! 
By William Sawalich
Ever heard of a pedal-powered camera and phone charger? That’s the idea behind the Ride-A-Long, a bicycle-based battery charger for any USB-powered device. If you’ve got a phone, a pocket camera or a GoPro that you want to recharge while you ride, check out the Siva Cycle Ride-A-Long from Photojojo.…

Phenomenal Portraits… Of Owls

I can't imagine all the work that goes into a shoot like this, so it's good that on his web site Wilson offers some neat behind-the-scenes videos from various animal shoots.
By William Sawalich
Brad Wilson is a photographer of animals, though he does his best work in the studio rather than out in the wild. He's just published a beautiful collection of portraits of owls in the Audubon Society's magazine, and they're stunning. Made at the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis and…

How Does Autofocus Work?

Its origins can be traced to battleships, and other fascinating facts about autofocus
By Wes Pitts
Check out this fun video from The Naked Scientists that gives a brief history of autofocus and the basic principles involved. It’s not a technical video, but rather conceptual, and explains in plain terms how both phase-detection and contrast-detection systems find focus. The Naked Scientists are a team of scientists,…

Canon’s Pair Of 50-Megapixel DSLRs

I think with these high-resolution DSLRs, Canon is finally making good on something many of us have suspected for a long time—that eventually 35mm format DSLRs would not just rival medium format digital backs in image quality and resolution, but match them pixel for pixel.
By William Sawalich
Weeks ago there was a rumor that Canon's next update to the 5D line of cameras was going to be a big one, but when I heard the gossip that it was to possess a 50 megapixel sensor I decided that must be too good—and too big—to be true. But…
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