David Byrne On The Future Of Creative Content

We would do well as a society to consider how we value art of all kinds, and which sacrifices we are willing to make in our pursuit of ever cheapening access to creative works
By William Sawalich
A friend of mine recently posted a link to an interesting editorial, and even though its message is directed to musicians and the music industry, I thought it pertained well to photographers so I decided to share it here. It was written by David Byrne in the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper…

Five-Year-Old Photographer Plans Photo Book

You will soon be able to purchase a photo book from this five-year-old photographer
By William Sawalich
When National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey's son was born, he named him Hawkeye as, no doubt, a nod to the iconic Brownie camera. That all but destined young Hawkeye for photographic fame and, sure enough, at age four the boy began exploring the American West with his father, each with…

Learning Video? Don’t Forget To Learn Audio, Too

Learning the ins and outs of recording sound can be a real challenge
By William Sawalich
Many photographers have found themselves exploring video production in recent years. Our cameras suddenly became capable of capturing amazing quality high-definition video, and so many of us have begun exploring the creative possibilities of moving pictures. If you're one of those photographers who has begun dabbling with video, my guess…

Yale University Releases 170,000 Images Of The Great Depression

It's a really neat use of technology to provide unprecedented access to an amazing archive of images.
By William Sawalich
What good is a photographic archive if you can't easily find the images you're looking for? To that end, Yale university has created the Photogrammer platform—a web-based application for searching (and finding!) images from an archive of 170,000 photographs from the great depression and World War II. The archive includes…

A Brief History Of Women Photographers

Take a look at the gallery, which includes photos from as far back as 1874
By William Sawalich
Here's a neat collection of images put together by the UK's Guardian newspaper, in which the work of many female photographic trailblazers is highlighted. The gallery coincides with a new exhibition titled "Who's Afraid of Women Photographers" at the Musee de l'Orangerie and Musee D'Orsay in Paris that runs through…

Stylish Online Client Photo Galleries

Pixieset is a free client gallery service that takes about 30 seconds to sign up for
By William Sawalich
Working photographers, how do you share photos with your clients? There are lots of ways out there, including various online galleries dedicated specifically to photographers, or personalized FTP services, or even file sharing platforms like Dropbox which can make sending—and seeing—everything from low-res proofs to high-resolution finished image files a…
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