How One Travel Photographer Earns His Living

What I think is most interesting about Brendan's story is that it serves as both a cautionary tale and as inspiration. On one hand, it appears to be quite difficult to earn a living as a travel photographer in 2015.
By William Sawalich
Brendan Van Son is a 30-year-old travel photographer who has spent the past five years traveling the world on assignment. He recently wrote a great post about what the life of a travel photographer is like. Of particular interest to those among us who try to make a living with…

Lessons Learned From Photographing A Master Photographer

Davis's account is the revealing story of how a photographer goes about photographing a photographic icon.
By William Sawalich
The New York Times sent photographer Leslye Davis on a great, if daunting, assignment. Davis was to travel to rural Virginia to photograph iconic photographer Sally Mann. She spent the seven-hour drive planning how she would photograph one of the most respected photographers of the last 50 years, but as…

Meet The Newer, Cheaper, Chinese GoPro

If you want to buy one or two or ten of these little guys, take a look at the Fstoppers breakdown, which reports pretty favorably on the new import.
By William Sawalich
The tiny GoPro action camera, an itty bitty HD video camera capable of shooting stills, is the industry standard in wearable cameras. But now it's got competition from a Chinese smartphone maker named Xiaomi. The Yi Action Camera is smaller than the GoPro Hero, but it meets or exceeds many…

Scanning Entrepreneur Sued For Nearly $100 Million

It's unclear at this point exactly who is suing Rogers and for exactly what, but it appears to include everyone from collectors who thought they were purchasing vintage originals to publishers who didn't understand they were giving their archives away. It will be an interesting story to follow.
By William Sawalich
The owner of Rogers Photo Archive, John Rogers, is being accused of fraud and sued by a dozen different entities for almost $100 million. The most notable part of the story—to me, anyway—is that Rogers was earning $120,000 every week by scanning photos. What? That's amazing! What Rogers had done…

How To Create A Time Slice

If you imagine that a time lapse video is simply a collection of still photographs that become frames in a moving video, a time slice is what would happen if you stacked 50 or 100 of those photos into layers in Photoshop (or, according to Marker-Moore's method, with Adobe After Effects) and then peeled away strips of each layer to reveal the layers below.
By William Sawalich
This is pretty cool video of photographer Dan Marker-Moore creating beautiful time-lapse videos and time-slice photos in Shanghai and Hong Kong. You probably know what a time-lapse video is, but do you know about time slice photos? If you imagine that a time lapse video is simply a collection of…

A Time-Lapse Elevator Ride

It's visually stunning, and moving, too. For about four seconds during the ride, the pinstriped facade of the former south tower of the World Trade Center dominates the virtual view.
By William Sawalich
Visitors to the observation deck of the new 1 World Trade Center tower will be in for a treat during their 47-second journey from below ground to the 102nd floor. There's a really neat time-lapse video that will play on three sides of elevators, immersing visitors in 515 years of…
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