Big Layoffs At National Geographic

In October, The National Geographic Society entered into a partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox corporation
By William Sawalich
National Geographic last week laid off 180 employees, not quite 10 percent of its staff of 2,000. From photographers to fact checkers, the layoffs were augmented by offers of voluntary retirement to an unknown number of employees. The cuts were a necessity to avoid “financial derailment,” and according to Chief…

The Photography Of Brad Pitt

Pitt has long professed a love of photography, but this is the first work of his that I’ve seen.
By William Sawalich
Here’s something you don’t see every day: Brad Pitt’s intimate portraits of wife Angelina Jolie, commissioned by fashion magazine W, which wanted a glimpse into the super-couple’s family life. Pitt has long professed a love of photography, but this is the first work of his that I’ve seen. And frankly,…

More On Expecting Artists To Work For Free

It’s about Wil Wheaton, the actor best known for his roles on Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory.
By William Sawalich
For the last several weeks I keep coming across interesting dissertations on the devaluation of creative works, and the need for artists of all kinds—especially photographers—to stand up for protecting the value of their work. Well, here’s the latest in my “don’t tread on artists!” series. It’s about Wil Wheaton,…

Advice For Aspiring Food Photographers

Andrew Scrivani left the world of teaching to become an acclaimed photographer
By William Sawalich
The web site Photoshelter is known for many great services for photographers. One of my favorite things they do is to provide wonderful educational materials that help up-and-coming photographers learn the particulars of various aspects of photography. In its recent white paper, The Professional’s Guide to Food Photography, the editors…

The Relaxation Workstation

It’s almost time to start thinking about holiday wish lists
By William Sawalich
I’m not one for rushing the holiday season, but it is November and that means it’s almost time to start thinking about holiday wish lists. And boy, have I found the perfect thing for the top of my own list this year. It’s the Altwork computer workstation. It converts from…

A Photo School On Wheels

Photographer Alec Soth started a Kickstarter campaign to refurbish a used Winnebago RV and convert it into a photo school on wheels.
By William Sawalich
Photographer Alec Soth is one of the most acclaimed fine art photographers of his generation. He has very kind things to say about some of his own photographic educators, and now he’s taken it upon himself to begin teaching young photographers himself. This, though, is not the kind of thing…
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