Nick Veasey’s X-Ray Photography

What makes Veasey's x-ray photographs particularly interesting, in my opinion, is the fact that he's able to produce them on a huge scale, radiographing everything from cars and trucks (with occupants) to even a full-size jumbo jet.
By William Sawalich
Recently, while recuperating from a shoulder surgery (for which I had a few x-rays made), I found myself laid up and spending quite a long time watching a series of artists' TED talks. You know TED talks, right? The TED conference and its many offshoots feature 18-minute talks by some…

A Grandmother’s Trove Of Civil War Photographs

President Abraham Lincoln is even said to have had his own stereographic viewer.
By William Sawalich
A grandmother from Houston, Texas has spent the better part of 50 years collecting photographs from the Civil War era, and she's amassed an important archive. Now more than 500 photographs from Robin Stanford's collection have been sold to the Library of Congress in order to fill in gaps in…

The New York Institute Of Photography Launches New Classes

The Professional Photography course is aimed at advanced amateurs or new professionals who are looking to make a career in the field of photography.
By William Sawalich
The New York Institute of Photography has just launched brand new versions of its two most popular online photography courses. According to the institution, the revamped programs have a fresh, modern look and are filled with the latest photography tips, trends and techniques. For beginners, the Fundaments of Digital Photography…

Learn Composition From Steve McCurry

So here, courtesy of the Cooperative of Photography, are nine photographic composition tips that a keen eye can glean from McCurry's work.
By William Sawalich
If you know the work of Steve McCurry, chances are you're a fan of the work of Steve McCurry. The National Geographic photographer is a member of the iconic Magnum agency, and he is, quite possibly, one of the greatest photographers in the history of the medium. I know that's…

Behind Anton Corbijn’s Amazing Portraits

Corbijn's 60th birthday, the photographer speaks about some of his most iconic portraits, several of which may be seen at the link below. Corbijn's iconic photography is well worth a look.
By William Sawalich
I've been a fan of Anton Corbijn's rock 'n roll portraiture since I first discovered it in Rolling Stone more than 25 years ago. It practically jumped off the page. Known today for his filmmaking, Corbin's beautiful black and white images—made possible in part by the beautiful infectious development technique…

View Old Negatives Quickly And Easily with An iPad

It's a quick and easy way to view little negatives nice and big. Of course, you could always find your local lab and order a contact sheet, but that's not necessarily quick or economical enough.
By William Sawalich
Got a bunch of old negatives you'd like to look through? Well if you have an iPad and a smartphone, YouTuber "Adam of Ekenstam" has a great technique for quick and easy enlarged viewing of negatives. He simply uses the accessibility controls of his iPad to display images in reverse…
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