Samy’s Presents An Evening With Douglas Kirkland

Kirkland will also be demonstrating the new 50-megapixel DSLRs from Canon—the 5DS and the 5DSR.
By William Sawalich
If you're in Southern California—specifically the Westwood area of Los Angeles—I suggest you head over to the Crest Theater tonight at 7pm for an evening with master photographer Douglas Kirkland. For half a century, Kirkland has made iconic celebrity portraits of everyone from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to Angelina…

Strobing Surfing

He was able to create what amounts to a studio-lit version of a surfing action shot, and do it with battery powered strobes from about 500 feet away.
By William Sawalich
Michael Clark is an amazing photographer. And thankfully, he's not shy about sharing his knowledge and experiences with the rest of us. He regularly sends out a newsletter in which he tells the stories of his most interesting shoots, and recently he told the story of how he photographed a…

Photographing The New Windows Wallpaper

To some it may look like a computer generated graphic, but in fact it's a photograph.
By William Sawalich
Windows 10 users (of which there are about to be a lot, once the software ships on July 29th) are going to get pretty familiar with a neat new Windows default background image. To some it may look like a computer generated graphic, but in fact it's a photograph. And…

The Most Beautiful Still Life Photography On Instagram?

These still life photographs are absolutely beautiful.
By William Sawalich
You've heard about smartphone photography. But what about art phone photography? That's the term I'm giving to work that really transcends the lowly bounds of the device that was used to make it. And this work by Russian photographer Alya Galinovskaya is truly transcendental. Galinovskaya is the artist behind the…

Anatomy Of An Amazing Photo Assignment

The company decided that instead of using the feed to simply promote its products.
By William Sawalich
One of the most distinctively 21st century commercial photo assignments is the social media shoot, in which a big-name brand contracts a photographer—usually a hip, young 20-something—to provide youthful authenticity with the help of their iPhones and their hip, stylish friends. These social media assignments are certainly intriguing, as they…

On Robert Frank

This piece in the New York Times serves not only as a retrospective of the great photographer's work, but it provides context as it tells the story of Frank's life, and his unique approach to making the most of it.
By William Sawalich
Here's a link to a huge, sprawling, wonderful piece about Robert Frank, who the New York Times calls "the most influential photographer alive." Frank is most famous for his book "The Americans," which was the result of a yearlong project that took him across the country as he photographed the…
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