The New Tech That Might Make Your Smartphone Camera More Like A DSLR

This could mean some serious improvements in the future of iPhone cameras. Yes, the technology could mean even thinner cameras, but my complaint about my iPhone camera is definitely not that it's too big.
By William Sawalich
For a long time I resisted the idea that a smartphone camera, even a great one, could ever be taken seriously for photography. But I know when to admit I was wrong, and on this one I was wrong. I still prefer my DSLR for "serious" shooting, but dang if…

Breaking In Your First Lighting Kit

It's a simple but powerful tutorial; the kind of stuff the Strobist does best.
By William Sawalich
Here's a great post from David Hobby, better known as the Strobist, on what to do with the equipment once you've made your first foray and strobe equipment. The idea is, you've got a strobe, you purchase a stand and an umbrella and a bracket to connect it all together……

Turn Your iPhone Into A Disposable Camera

Twenty-seven exposures later, the app automatically sends those frames to the printer, and you receive 27 prints a few days later—just like the good ol' days of disposable cameras.
By William Sawalich
You remember disposable cameras? They were these yellow cardboard boxes you purchased for eight bucks or so, shot the roll of film inside, then dropped the whole contraption in the mail and received prints a week or so later. Well now with Photojojo's new Disposable Camera App you have the…

The Picture Prosecutor

It's a really fascinating blog for photographers and anyone interested in what sure appears to be eroding journalistic standards.
By William Sawalich
Have you seen the Picture Prosecutor blog? It's run by Thomas Palmer, an educator and editor at the Albany Times Union newspaper. Palmer uses his blog to "expose contextual misuse in photojournalism," which basically means he points out how editors and publishers around the country, in the face of shrinking…

Reevaluating The Legality Of Photographing Police

As recent news events have shown, photographing in public—even when it involves the police—is an important aspect of our First Amendment freedoms and should be protected at all costs.
By William Sawalich
In most instances, unless a photographer is impeding a police officer's ability to perform his duties, it is legal to photograph police officers in public. Although some people believe, incorrectly, that this isn't in fact the case—or at least that it shouldn't be. In some states, legislators have considered changing…

An Octopus Trained To Take Pictures

Read more, and watch a fun little one-minute video of the Octographer in action, courtesy of the DIY Photography blog.
By William Sawalich
Trainers at the SEA LIFE Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand recently trained an octopus to take pictures. That's right: when visitors approach the tank containing the octopus, the octopus presses a red shutter release button that triggers the camera outside the tank and takes the picture. Presumably the "octographer" was…
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