Photographing Fiery Explosions For Fun

Pete made a series of neat photographs just for fun and, thankfully, he got it all on a behind-the-scenes video we can enjoy via the DIY Photography blog.
By William Sawalich
Here's a neat video of a guy pulling off a complex shoot involving many large explosions. Australian wedding photographer Pete Leong was photographing a family one day when he learned that the husband was in the military and involved in EOD—that's Explosive Ordnance Demolition. Pete's curiosity is piqued, he strikes…

Photographers And Permit Fees

Thankfully, amateur photographers—those who aren't charging a fee for their services—aren't typically required to obtain permits or pay fees for shooting in public parks.
By William Sawalich
Do photographers need permits to photograph in public places—like on street corners or public parks? The rules vary by location, but it's not uncommon for municipalities to attach moderate fees to permits for commercial photography or film production. As a photographer who is sometimes in need of these permits, I…

Photographer Suing Pinterest

That article's comments reveal that some photographers oppose Boffoli's lawsuit, essentially equating it to spitting into the wind in this new era of digital sharing.
By William Sawalich
A photographer has had enough of social site Pinterest profiting off of his copyrighted images, so he's taking the company—which he says is worth more than $11 billion—to court. Seattle-based fine art photographer Christopher Boffoli makes images of miniature people interacting with food, and the whimsical images are quite popular…

Powerful Portraits Of Dancers

Russian photographer Alexander Yakovlev managed to capture the strength, grace and sheer physical beauty of these dancers, posed an at the peak moments, and in many instances aided by a surprising addition to the scene: flour.
By William Sawalich
It could be that I'm bringing you this post just because I attended my young daughter's dance recital the other day and so I've got dancers on my mind, but I don't actually think it's as simple as that. I think it's more likely that I'm struck by just how…

How To Pose Portrait Subjects

In the first post, published over the weekend, Natalia Roberts discusses posing for headshots.
By William Sawalich
All this week, Digital Photography School will be publishing a series of articles about posing portrait subjects. Posing is something that, in my humble opinion, not enough photographers pay nearly enough attention to. We get caught up in lighting and backgrounds and depth of field and all sorts of other…

Captivating Otherworldly Nighttime Photos

Check out his beautiful work and a brief interview at the Earth Porm web site, then head over to to see more of his stunning after dark photography. 
By William Sawalich
I used to be a night owl, staying up to all hours, even sometimes pulling out my camera and photographing in the middle of the night. But nothing I ever produced could compare with the work of Mikko Laggerstedt. This Finnish photographer has definitely figured out how to make amazing…
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