A Camera So Fast It Shows Light Waves Traveling In Slow Motion

It's a fascinating look at how light works
By William Sawalich
Scientists at MIT have developed a camera that can shoot at a frame rate so fast that it can slow down and stop the fastest moving thing in the universe: light waves in motion. With a shutter speed of one-trillionth of a second, the camera reveals seemingly slow-moving beams of…

Everybody Hates The Selfie Stick

I'm no lover of tablet photography and selfie sticks either
By William Sawalich
It's official: everybody hates the selfie stick. So says the travel-dating web site MissTravel.com, which in a recent survey of travelers found that the biggest pet peeve among nearly 60,000 respondents was by far the selfie stick. More than 40% of those surveyed listed the selfie stick as the bane…

Do Anything To Get The Shot… Within Reason

We must remain vigilant that we're neither damaging nor destroying our subjects in the act of photographing them
By William Sawalich
Writing at the 500px ISO blog, DL Cade sheds some light on the problem of over-enthusiastic photographers. Where is the line, Cade asks, between going to great lengths for a tremendous photo, and compromising your morals with a "get the shot at all costs" attitude? We need to be careful…

Careless Selfies Are Deadlier Than Sharks

The moral of the story, folks, is to be careful out there
By William Sawalich
Forget Sharks. "Death by Selfie" should be your real fear. That's according to a report from The Telegraph, which recently reported that while only about five people die each year from shark attacks, there have been 12 confirmed accidental deaths in the last year when people were trying to take…

Portable Laptop And Camera Power

This device is really handy for a lot of uses
By William Sawalich
This new portable power device is so cool, it makes me want to travel on remote photo excursions. It's the Brunton Servo 120, a compact, high-performance, portable power pack that is ideal for photographers who travel in the outback, or those who simply want access to electricity in remote locations.…

New Datacolor Spyder Color Management Tools

It's Datacolor's Spyder5STUDIO, a suite of hardware and software that profiles monitors and printers
By William Sawalich
I'm a big believer in the importance of color management when it comes to making great digital images. Many years ago when I first upgraded to a basic color profiling system… well, the improvement in my work was significant. I knew, once and for all, that what I saw on…
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