More On Photos And Videos And 4K Displays

Take a look at Carmel's work, and her 4K video offerings, at her web site.
By William Sawalich
Yesterday I wrote about 4K televisions and the coming wave of ultra-high-definition video we're sure to enjoy. But there's another way that 4K displays will shape the future: they'll continue to hasten the convergence of photography and video, and allow still photographers another option for outputting finished images. In a…

Visualizing The Future With 4K Video

Check out this video of men with jetpacks flying over Dubai.
By William Sawalich
Depending on your level of video expertise, you may or may not be familiar with the term "4K" video. It's essentially a much higher-resolution version of high-definition TV. Current 1080p HD offers almost 2000 pixels of resolution in the horizontal dimension, equivalent to "2K" (even though nobody calls it that).…

Richard Prince’s Newest Way To Make Waves

Prince sure makes waves, and he's doing it again. I'll be curious to see if there's another lawsuit in his future, or if the art world will simply dismiss him as a high-profile, high-art troll. 
By William Sawalich
Quite honestly, I've always kind of appreciated Richard Prince's appropriation art. When he rephotographed Marlboro ads and sold the resulting images for huge profits, I thought, "Funny. He's making quite a bold artistic statement." When he was sued for his Canal Zone project I was—like most photographers—rooting for the creator…

In Memoriam: Mary Ellen Mark

Time's Lightbox blog today features a parting tribute to the legendary photographer.
By William Sawalich
Iconic photographer Mary Ellen Mark died yesterday in New York. She was 75. Best known for her documentary reportage and gripping portraits, Mark produced a body of work that remained both groundbreaking and influential throughout her 40-year career. Time's Lightbox blog today features a parting tribute to the legendary photographer.…

Apply For A W. Eugene Smith Memorial Grant

W. Eugene Smith was a photographer of the highest moral and ethical standards who focused not only on drawing a clear distinction between good and evil, but seeking to show the innate exceptional goodness of everyday people.
By William Sawalich
My fellow photographers, if you're at the top of your documentary photography game you should consider applying for a grant from the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund. Applications are now being accepted and one photographer whose work is deemed both exceptional and above all humanistic, and whose proposed project follows…

On The Business Of Photography

It's not a particularly flashy site, but there's a big difference between photo blogs that make a big splash and photo blogs that provide the most information, pound for pound.
By William Sawalich
If you're a photographer who is trying to make a buck with your camera, you really should know Cradoc Bagshaw. Or at least you should know his work. Cardiac makes some great photo software for professionals, such as Fotoquote, an invaluable tool for determining pricing for usage across a variety…
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