Momenta Pairs Photographers With Nonprofits

Momenta pairs students with local nonprofits to create photo or video stories that speak to the mission of the partner organization.
By William Sawalich
Not long ago I wrote about photographer Colby Brown and his philanthropic organization, The Giving Lens, which pairs photographers with NGO organizations worldwide for photo workshops with a higher purpose. Well I recently learned about another organization with a similar concept a little closer to home. It's called Momenta Workshops,…

Terra Flamma

Palley is certainly making something beautiful out of something terrible.
By William Sawalich
With deadly wildfires raging throughout the west, this collection of nighttime work from photographer Stuart Palley is particularly timely and poignant. Palley began photographing wildfires in California a few years ago, eventually turning the growing body of work into a new, Kickstarter-funded book he calls Terra Flamma. He uses long…

The Least-Visited National Park

This island destination is tough to get to, which may explain why it sees fewer visitors in a year than Yellowstone gets in a day.
By William Sawalich
I recently had the opportunity to interview landscape photographer Chris Miele for a profile in Outdoor Photographer magazine. I really enjoyed learning about the young man and his work. He dropped me a line just the other day to tell me about his most recent trip to the least visited…

A Photo Shoot In A Pool In The Studio

Here's a neat behind-the-scenes video that shows how Manso, using Broncolor strobes for the very first time.
By William Sawalich
I've faked a pool in my studio (using blue paper and a big sheet of rippled plexiglass) but only as an out of focus background. I've never actually built an real pond in my studio like Gonzaga Manso did for a recent Broncolor concept shoot. Here's a neat behind-the-scenes video…

Photographing The Homeless, A Photographer Finds Her Long Lost Father

It's a story that had my heart pounding and, in the end, which I'm very glad to have read.
By William Sawalich
This is an amazing, and at times heartbreaking, story about a young woman who as a college student began photographing homeless people on the streets of Oahu. It eventually led to The Homeless Paradise, an initiative dedicated to "humanizing the homeless by sharing their stories." During her time photographing people…

Artist Turns Old Photos Into Whimsical Composites

Long says she began the series simply because she wanted to improve her digital imaging skills.
By William Sawalich
Here's a look at some pretty neat work. Australian artist Jane Long takes old photographs from a Romanian photographer named Costica Acsinte who documented the first World War nearly a century ago. For her series "Dancing with Costica," Long scans glass plate black and white negatives and then colorizes, cleans…
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