Photographing Star Wars

For photo geeks who are also Star Wars geeks (like me!) this combo is about as good as it gets.
By William Sawalich
What more could you want than to have one of the greatest photographers of her generation, Annie Leibovitz, coming together with one of the most popular films of all time—Star Wars—in a single blog post? Surely nothing could be better! And that's what you'll get today, as Vanity Fair hired…

Landscape Equipment Roundup

He covers the basics of how to determine if a camera will be useful for landscape photography (citing simple controls such as manual shutter and aperture adjustability) and what lenses a landscape photographer will want to invest in first.
By William Sawalich
Yesterday I mentioned an article at Outdoor Photographer that was all about cameras without low-pass filters and their usefulness in landscape photography. That got me thinking about equipment for landscape photography in general. is the obvious first stop for information regarding landscape photography equipment, but here's another perspective from…

Low-Pass Camera Roundup

This roundup of cameras that are available without these filters also includes helpful information about how the technology works.
By William Sawalich
Our sister magazine, Outdoor Photographer, recently published a great article about using cameras without low pass filters for landscape photography. The low pass filter lives in front of a camera's sensor and is designed to subtly blur the image at the pixel level in order to mask moiré and aliasing…

Could D.I.Y. Photo Gear Cause Patent Lawsuits?

Start sharing that creation with your readership, or worse still start selling it on the open market, and you're likely to find a patent lawyer sending you your own sternly worded letter.
By William Sawalich
The folks at PetaPixel recently found themselves on the wrong side of United States patent law. Patent law protects intellectual property of inventors and manufacturers in much the same way that copyright law protects the intellectual property of photographers, musicians and artists. So when PetaPixel published a "how-to" guide to…

Potential Cure For Colorblind Photographers

The shot is about to enter the human testing phase, which means to could just be a matter of a few years before relief is—pardon the pun—within sight.
By William Sawalich
Nearly one in ten men are color blind, which means there are sure to be plenty color blind photographers running around out there. And as any color blind photographer will tell you, it can sure be a challenge dealing with color! For instance, how do you tell if your white…

How One Travel Photographer Earns His Living

What I think is most interesting about Brendan's story is that it serves as both a cautionary tale and as inspiration. On one hand, it appears to be quite difficult to earn a living as a travel photographer in 2015.
By William Sawalich
Brendan Van Son is a 30-year-old travel photographer who has spent the past five years traveling the world on assignment. He recently wrote a great post about what the life of a travel photographer is like. Of particular interest to those among us who try to make a living with…
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