All About “Flow Motion” Video

Photographer/director Rob Whitworth is a master of the flow motion video.
By William Sawalich
Have you ever heard of a “flow motion” video? That's right: flow motion. It’s a little bit slo-mo, a little bit time-lapse, a little bit hyperlapse... And it's 100% cool. Photographer/director Rob Whitworth is a master of the flow motion video. He uses his equipment—as well as a talented and…

Photographing Beautiful People

The subjects’ reactions are sweet, adorable, sincere, and quite frankly, beautiful
By William Sawalich
Here’s a pretty great feel-good story to brighten your day. When 18-year-old high school student Shea Glover started her photography project, she wasn’t quite expecting it to turn into a viral success as a well-meaning social experiment. Glover’s task was simple: she posed her subjects in front of the camera…

Ryan Schude’s Fun New Book

Mr. Schude’s work is a lot of fun, and I’m sure his new book is too
By William Sawalich
Today’s post is simply about a photographer whose work I admire, and I think you should check out his new book. Photographer Ryan Schude (whom I interviewed in Digital Photo Pro a few years back) produces some fun and funky cinematic photographs—or, as I wrote, “a novel in every frame.”…

If Photographers Were Famous Like Baseball Players

Mandel printed and eventually sold thousands of the sets—complete with bubble gum straight from the Topps trading card company
By William Sawalich
Back in the mid-1970s, when photographer Mike Mandel was a grad student at the San Francisco Art Institute, he was inspired to make a series of portraits of more than 100 photographers in an effort to showcase their medium’s growing legitimacy in the art world. What if, he hypothesized, these…

Iconic Rock Photographer Calling It Quits

Corbijn announced that the retrospective of his work in a Berlin gallery will be his last
By William Sawalich
It’s a sad day for fans of the beautiful black and white photography of Anton Corbijn. An icon of rock ‘n roll and celebrity portraiture (he’s been the official photographer for rockers U2 since the early 1980s) famous for his moody black and white lith prints, Corbijn announced that the…

Alpine Labs Pulse Camera Controller

It’s  pretty cool project, and the price is certainly right
By William Sawalich
The Kickstarter crowd-funding site is a great place to find the next big thing in all sorts of arenas, including (maybe even especially) the world of photography equipment. To that end I direct you to check out the Pulse, a new hot-shoe-mounted device and companion app from Alpine Labs that…
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