Apply For A W. Eugene Smith Memorial Grant

W. Eugene Smith was a photographer of the highest moral and ethical standards who focused not only on drawing a clear distinction between good and evil, but seeking to show the innate exceptional goodness of everyday people.
By William Sawalich
My fellow photographers, if you're at the top of your documentary photography game you should consider applying for a grant from the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund. Applications are now being accepted and one photographer whose work is deemed both exceptional and above all humanistic, and whose proposed project follows…

On The Business Of Photography

It's not a particularly flashy site, but there's a big difference between photo blogs that make a big splash and photo blogs that provide the most information, pound for pound.
By William Sawalich
If you're a photographer who is trying to make a buck with your camera, you really should know Cradoc Bagshaw. Or at least you should know his work. Cardiac makes some great photo software for professionals, such as Fotoquote, an invaluable tool for determining pricing for usage across a variety…

Tremendous Street Photographers

All in all, even if your favorite photographer's been left off, this list is a neat way to see some work from several talented photographers—newbies and experts alike.
By William Sawalich
Here's an interesting top 20 list: it's the 20 most influential street photographers working in the world today, according to the readers of I won't claim to be a street photography expert, but I know who the greats are—or at least, who they were when the field was in…

Brave New Camera

It touches on everything from our search for identity to the ways photographs are used to influence thought. It's a very thoughtful piece, in fact, and I hope it gets seen by a wide audience.
By William Sawalich
Is smartphone photography changing the world? According to news outlet AFP, humans shot more than a trillion images in 2014, the vast majority of them coming from smartphones. That's more pictures every minute than were made in the duration of the 19th century. Compared to just a few short years…

Is it Real Or Is It Photoshop?

Swipe left to vote for digital trickery, swipe right for in-camera authenticity
By William Sawalich
The fun folks at Adobe keep celebrating the 25th anniversary of their signature software—Photoshop—in fun and playful ways. The latest is a simple quiz that presents users with a collection of 25 images accompanied by a simple question: is the image "real" or has it been manipulated in Photoshop? Swipe…

Photo Printing Is Dead. Long Live Photo Printing.

In fact, McCabe says, never before has photography been more integral to the daily lives of the American people than it is today.
By William Sawalich
Bloomberg Business recently published an interesting article about the demise of the one-hour photo printing shop. This once ubiquitous feature of the American parking lot landscape is not only long dead and buried, but it has become an almost overnight anachronism, falling from several thousand to less than 200 in…
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