The Zenfolio Academy

Attendees will have the opportunity to win prizes from sponsors SanDisk, Fundy, Spider Camera Holster, Flixel and more.
By William Sawalich
The Zenfolio Academy is back with its popular series of workshops based on the most requested topics from Zenfolio users. Zenfolio, as you may know, is a provider of high-quality, fully customizable, template-based websites made specifically for photographers. The workshop tour is geared towards professional and semi-professional photographers who want…

Learning To See Creatively, Updated

Peterson is a professional photographer and founder of The Bryan Peterson School of Photography, and the author of several photography books.
By William Sawalich
Longtime photography educator Bryan Peterson has released an updated third edition of his classic book, Learning to See Creatively. First published in 1988, the popular book has been modernized for the uniquely photo-centric era in which we're living based on expertise Peterson has gained by decades of traveling and teaching…

A Beautiful Photographic Mystery

The images—many of which show two women standing on a beach and wading in the sea at dawn or dusk—are quite beautiful.
By William Sawalich
Here's a photographic mystery! While perusing the selections in a Richmond, Virginia thrift shop, photographer Meagan "Irene" Abell found a stash of vintage photographs that included four sets of medium format negatives in plastic sleeves. She purchased the negatives and scanned them, and quickly discovered that she was holding the…

Mick Fleetwood, Photographer

Fleetwood says he has been photographing since the earliest days of his band.
By William Sawalich
Mick Fleetwood isn't just a drummer; he's got a day job too. You see, Mr. Fleetwood is a photographer. He may be better known as one of the founding members of the iconic rock band Fleetwood Mac, but for a couple of decades now he's been an avid photographer too.…

Photographer Splits Images And Combines Them For Fantastic Results

They play with perspective and scale, and really show McMennamy's unique way of seeing the world.
By William Sawalich
This series of photographs called "Combo Photos" is both simple and genius. (That describes my favorite kind of photographs, actually.) Photographer Stephen McMennamy photographs two different objects—say, a bowling ball and a cherry—and then cuts each image in half and combines two halves of the disparate images into a new…

Photographing Two Presidents At One Time

It's a neat read about the making of a great cover
By William Sawalich
When celebrity portrait photographer Mark Seliger was hired to photograph this week's cover of TIME Magazine, he was greeted with an unusual opportunity: the subject was not only to be a single American president, it was to be two of them. The last two, in fact. Presidents George W. Bush…
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