A Photo School On Wheels

Photographer Alec Soth started a Kickstarter campaign to refurbish a used Winnebago RV and convert it into a photo school on wheels.
By William Sawalich
Photographer Alec Soth is one of the most acclaimed fine art photographers of his generation. He has very kind things to say about some of his own photographic educators, and now he’s taken it upon himself to begin teaching young photographers himself. This, though, is not the kind of thing…

Beachside Brontosaurus By Darren Pearson

Featured image in the Exit section of the November 2015 issue
Beachside Brontosaurus by Darren Pearson was featured in the Exit section of the November 2015 issue. Shot at Point Dume in Malibu, C.A., Pearson explained, “It's rare to see stars in Los Angeles, but if you travel far enough north to the coastal areas of Malibu and beyond, they are…

DOT And FAA Plan New Drone Regulations

The FAA has publicly proclaimed that it expects one million new drones to be sold this holiday season
By William Sawalich
The US Department of Transportation's director, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, announced last week that his agency will implement new regulations on operators of the increasingly popular remote-controlled aircraft commonly known as drones. The regulations will require all operators of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to register the craft in a…

David Byrne On The Future Of Creative Content

We would do well as a society to consider how we value art of all kinds, and which sacrifices we are willing to make in our pursuit of ever cheapening access to creative works
By William Sawalich
A friend of mine recently posted a link to an interesting editorial, and even though its message is directed to musicians and the music industry, I thought it pertained well to photographers so I decided to share it here. It was written by David Byrne in the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper…

Five-Year-Old Photographer Plans Photo Book

You will soon be able to purchase a photo book from this five-year-old photographer
By William Sawalich
When National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey's son was born, he named him Hawkeye as, no doubt, a nod to the iconic Brownie camera. That all but destined young Hawkeye for photographic fame and, sure enough, at age four the boy began exploring the American West with his father, each with…

Learning Video? Don’t Forget To Learn Audio, Too

Learning the ins and outs of recording sound can be a real challenge
By William Sawalich
Many photographers have found themselves exploring video production in recent years. Our cameras suddenly became capable of capturing amazing quality high-definition video, and so many of us have begun exploring the creative possibilities of moving pictures. If you're one of those photographers who has begun dabbling with video, my guess…
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