The Giving Lens

"We work with organizations that do clean drinking water projects, species preservation, women's rights, all sorts of stuff," Brown says.
By William Sawalich
I recently had the pleasure of speaking with humanitarian photographer Colby Brown, who travels the world making not only landscapes and travel photos, but working to help people in need wherever he finds them. To that end he's actually started a company with the purpose of combining photographic education with…

The KFC Fried Chicken Bucket Photo Printer

According to PetaPixel, there's no word on how many the company is going to make.
By William Sawalich
File this under "strange but true." I know I've long dreamed of a fried chicken bucket that doubles as a photo printer, but I had assumed that I was the only one. But no, as it turns out. Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced, eight months ahead of April fool's day,…

Photographing Black Dogs

With his new book The Black Dogs Project, due out next month from Quarto Publishing, Levy tells the stories of 75 dogs, each accompanied by a beautiful photograph.
By William Sawalich
Dog lovers may have heard about the plight of the black dog. It turns out that many people believe black dogs to be scary or dangerous, or somehow unlovable. Those of us who live with black dogs know this to be a bunch of hooey, but the facts don't lie:…

Meet The Gnarbox

The Kickstarter campaign has about one more week to go, but it looks like the Gnarbox is definitely going to get made.
By William Sawalich
Here's an interesting new device for photographers and videographers who want to lighten their location-shooting kit without compromising on quality and data security. It's called Gnarbox, and it's currently got a fast-growing Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $300,000 in just two weeks, so it's clear that many of us…

The Zenfolio Academy

Attendees will have the opportunity to win prizes from sponsors SanDisk, Fundy, Spider Camera Holster, Flixel and more.
By William Sawalich
The Zenfolio Academy is back with its popular series of workshops based on the most requested topics from Zenfolio users. Zenfolio, as you may know, is a provider of high-quality, fully customizable, template-based websites made specifically for photographers. The workshop tour is geared towards professional and semi-professional photographers who want…

Learning To See Creatively, Updated

Peterson is a professional photographer and founder of The Bryan Peterson School of Photography, and the author of several photography books.
By William Sawalich
Longtime photography educator Bryan Peterson has released an updated third edition of his classic book, Learning to See Creatively. First published in 1988, the popular book has been modernized for the uniquely photo-centric era in which we're living based on expertise Peterson has gained by decades of traveling and teaching…
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