The Year In Moons

The images are named for the traditional names given to each moon: Dancing Moon, Thunder Moon, Dragon Moon and so on.
By William Sawalich
As we await the new year to unfold in front of us, many photographers contemplate long-term projects to work on for the year. One such photographer last year was Jim Nickelson, a former NASA aerospace engineer who decided to photograph every full moon of the year as it rose or…

The Ansel Adams Act

The issue gets stickier when you get into the gray area of commercial photographers who may be working alone or amateurs who create a considerable footprint or employ technologies like quadcopter for aerial photography.
By William Sawalich
The new "Ansel Adams Act" is a bill that was introduced to Congress this month by Texas Representative Steve Stockman. According to a write-up on the bill at PetaPixel, the legislation "aims to restore the First Amendment rights of photographers by removing restrictions on taking photos in public places." That…

The Art of Saving A Life

The Gates Foundation sees that as a problem, and has therefore commissioned a group of 30 artists to create works that tell the stories of vaccination and its positive impact in whatever ways they’re inspired to do so.
By William Sawalich
The Gates Foundation was formed by Bill and Melinda Gates (yes, that Bill Gates) in part to improve and enhance healthcare on a global scale. To that end the Foundation has recruited artists—in particular, a handful of world-class photographers—to help encourage vaccination and promote its benefits, both for children around…

Guido Argentini Photographs Metallic Dancers

Take a look at Argentini's stunning photographs.
By William Sawalich
I'm going to suggest you take a look at a collection of neat photographs that are just a tiny bit NSFW. That said, these images of metallic painted dancers in motion are more beautiful art than anything a boss should be upset over. The photographs are by Guido Argentini, who's…

Photographing Natural Ice Sculptures

The images he brought back are some strikingly beautiful images that quite obviously couldn't have come from any other season.
By William Sawalich
Across much of the country it's incredibly cold outside. But don't let that stop you from getting out there and making pictures! Think there's nothing good to photograph out there in the middle of winter when the weather's not cooperating? Think again. A winter storm could present the ideal opportunity…

Photographer Finds Cash Stash, Gives It Back

Among the finds in an urban exploration photography shoot—nearly $7,000 in old currency
William Sawalich
If you were taking pictures in an abandoned building and you found a bundle of money—a grocery sack stuffed with $7,000 in small bills—would you keep the cash? One especially honest photographer did not. Read why at PetaPixel.
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