Photographing Two Presidents At One Time

It's a neat read about the making of a great cover
By William Sawalich
When celebrity portrait photographer Mark Seliger was hired to photograph this week's cover of TIME Magazine, he was greeted with an unusual opportunity: the subject was not only to be a single American president, it was to be two of them. The last two, in fact. Presidents George W. Bush…

Don’t Turn Your Back On Wild Animals

It's the fifth time this year that a park visitor has been injured after approaching a bison too closely.
By William Sawalich
A Mississippi woman was attacked by a bison in Yellowstone National Park last week when she turned her back on the animal apparently in an attempt to take a self portrait with the bison in the background. According to CNN, the woman and her daughter were less than 20 feet…

Taylor Swift Revised Her Concert Photography Contract

After lots of complaining (on this blog included) Swift's camp has negotiated with the National Press Photographers Association to craft a new, all-around more fair contract.
By William Sawalich
After much hullabaloo, Taylor Swift's management listened to photographers' complaints and revised her concert photography agreement. Swift got into hot water in some circles last month after she publicly called out Apple for treating musicians unfairly with its new music streaming service, when a photographer wrote an open letter pointing…

Print Pictures To Protect Data

The culprit in Sweet's conundrum isn't just human nature, which makes sticking to a digital backup system a real tall order.
By William Sawalich
Photographers in the digital era have long been concerned with protecting their precious images by taking meticulous care of their digital image files. This involves a repeatable workflow and a system for filing, managing and finding photographs on demand, as well as backing up and archiving those images on external…

A Drone-Only Photo Contest

For this contest, Pulitzer Prize-winning National Geographic photographer Ken Geiger headed the panel of expert judges who selected the winners.
By William Sawalich
Dronestagram is a web site that combines, as the name implies, Drone photography and an Instagram-like network for photo sharing. This flying photo-centric site recently held a photo contest, and more than 5,000 entries were submitted from all over the world. The one thing they each had in common was…

The Expedition Wooden Tripod

I do love the craftsmanship and quality of a well made wooden tripod.
By William Sawalich
Here's a great tripod for the old-school purists among us. It's the Expedition Wooden Tripod from Photojojo. This heavy duty tripod is light for what it is, but it's definitely heavy for everything else. The listing at Photojojo is utterly ridiculous for suggesting that smartphone photographers should use this cumbersome…
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