Photographer Fights Back Against Preposterous Lawsuit

It's a nice story about a photographer who actually fights back against a bully with positive results.
By William Sawalich
This is a really fascinating read, courtesy of photographer and photo inventor Gary Fong. It's also a nice story about a photographer who actually fights back against a bully with positive results. In this case, the bully is a lawyer, and the photographer a recent immigrant who turned to Fong…

The World’s Most Expensive Photograph

Lots of folks love the photo, but to some—like The Guardian's art critic Jonathan Jones—the picture isn't even art.
By William Sawalich
Peter Lik is making headlines as his photograph of sand and light in an Arizona slot canyon earned him a massive $6.5million payday. That, plus two other prints he sold to the same buyer for $1.1 million and $2.4 million, respectively, brings to four the number of million-dollar-sales Lik has…

America’s Great Hiking Trails

There you can watch videos and view beautiful photos of Bart's journey along "the ruts of the Great Western Migration.
By William Sawalich
Photographer and expert trekker Bart Smith dropped me a line the other day to let me know about his recent book of photographs called "America's Great Hiking Trails." Bart spends his days traveling the U.S. on foot, pushing his camera and his camping gear in a modified jogging stroller, and…

The Top 5 Photo Books On My Holiday Wish List

Andrew Knapp became internet famous when he and his best buddy, Momo the border collie, traveled all over the country.
By William Sawalich
As my holiday shopping gets into full swing, it's time to reflect upon a group of photography books that have been atop my own wish list for many months now. They cover a range of photographers making a variety of work, but all are surefire hits worthy of a place…

Self-Publish Your Own Coffee Table Photo Book

It certainly appears that his books are beautifully bound and lovingly printed—worthy of the finest photography.
By William Sawalich
If you fancy yourself a serious photographer with a body of work that is worthy of being printing into a fine photo book, then allow me to suggest the services of PQ Blackwell. Mr. Blackwell can produce high-quality monographs in runs as low as 250 copies--though a better per-copy price…

Photographer Gift Idea: Cool Camera Straps

If I were to receive one in my stocking this year, I'd no doubt be happy with Santa.
By William Sawalich
If you're shopping for a stylish, hand-crafted camera strap for yourself or for the fashion-conscious photographer on your list, here's a great recommendation from the Phoblographer. In his roundup of the best photo accessories of the year, Chris Gampat creates a list that's decidedly targeted at young, hip photographers. Unlike…
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