How To Pose Portrait Subjects

In the first post, published over the weekend, Natalia Roberts discusses posing for headshots.
By William Sawalich
All this week, Digital Photography School will be publishing a series of articles about posing portrait subjects. Posing is something that, in my humble opinion, not enough photographers pay nearly enough attention to. We get caught up in lighting and backgrounds and depth of field and all sorts of other…

Captivating Otherworldly Nighttime Photos

Check out his beautiful work and a brief interview at the Earth Porm web site, then head over to to see more of his stunning after dark photography. 
By William Sawalich
I used to be a night owl, staying up to all hours, even sometimes pulling out my camera and photographing in the middle of the night. But nothing I ever produced could compare with the work of Mikko Laggerstedt. This Finnish photographer has definitely figured out how to make amazing…

Explaining An Inexplicable Photo 50 Years Later

For the full story of the making of this tremendous photograph, and the reason why the teams played on and the fans kept cheering while a building burned behind them, check out the story at the New York Times. 
By William Sawalich
On November 20, 1965, photographer Robert Van Fleet attended a football game at Mount Hermon school in Gill, Massachusetts. Mount Hermon put up a good fight against the visiting Deerfield Academy, and photographer Van Fleet captured an image that would go on to be featured on the back page of…

Magnum's Four-Day Print Sale

A boxed set of all the prints can be had for $3,800. If you're a fan of this agency's brand of particularly fine photography, this week's square print sale presents a tremendous opportunity.
By William Sawalich
Right now, through Friday, June 12th, Magnum Photos is selling signed 6x6" prints for $100. I just purchased a photograph by the inimitable Steve McCurry, and you can too. Or you can choose among iconic images from some of the world's greatest photographers including Martin Parr, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt…

Run A Photo Business From Your Smartphone

If you're trying to get a start on your photo business, or get a handle on running your budding business, take a look at PocketSuite via the iTunes store.
By William Sawalich
Lots of amateur photographers I meet are interested in becoming professionals. Maybe they want a full time photography career, or maybe they just want to earn some spending money by photographing friends and family portraits on the side. Either way, the business part of the photography business can be daunting…

Psychology And Photography

It's called, aptly enough, Psychology for Photographers, and it covers all sorts of psychological issues of interest to creatives.
By William Sawalich
I often say that I would be a better photographer had I studied psychology in college. The myriad ways people react to having a camera pointed in their direction always astounds me, and I think that if I had some amount of expertise in psychology I might be able to…
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