The Year 2014 In Pictures

As you look at these tremendous images, think about how close you're willing to get.
By William Sawalich
According to the New York Times, these 100 photographs represent the year in pictures. How do you sum up 2014 in photographs? The images are tough, and not for the faint of heart. From Syria to Sudan, Caracas to Ferguson, these are intense images that the times says can be…

How We See The Earth

That data is particularly useful in making striking and informative visuals about the impact of humans on the environment, with images of melting arctic ice and the heating of the poles leading the way.
By William Sawalich
This is a story about a really important camera—the one attached to a satellite called Terra, which was launched in 1999. NASA designed the satellite to collect all sorts of important information about earth, and the camera attached to Terra has, in 15 years, along with 17 other earth-observing satellites,…

Flickr’s Licensing Mea Culpa

You willingly gave them a key to your farm and handed them a legally binding contract permitting them to take eggs from your chickens and sell them at the corner grocery store.
By William Sawalich
Flickr got into some hot water with some photographers recently when it began selling prints of their images. The users had uploaded their images with a Creative Commons license that did not restrict was loud and sustained, though, and basically boiled down to photographers not understanding the particulars of the…

The Real North Pole: Yiwu, China

Santa may not live there, but the workers who make Christmas decorations that are distributed all around the world do live and work here.
By William Sawalich
Merry Christmas! I hate to be anything but purely festive on Christmas Day, but the most compelling holiday-related photography that I've seen this week is some strong stuff. The images that grabbed me were in conjunction with a news story published in the U.K. (via The Guardian as well as…

The Best Science Images Of 2014

There are a bunch of additional amazing science images in here that are each cause for celebration.
By William Sawalich
I love this time of year, not just because of the holiday cheer, but because of all the great end of year lists. Here's a unique twist on that theme: it's a list of the most amazing science images of 2014 compiled by the Gawker-run science blog io9. I'm proud…

Point-And-Shoot Cameras Are Cool Again

Snapshooters had a harder time justifying carrying a separate point-and-shoot which made only marginally better images.
By William Sawalich
Here's an interesting read about the life, death and rebirth of the point-and-shoot camera. And I have to say, I'm on board with the idea—which is that many photographers who are lugging around budget DSLRs would be better served by a compact point-and-shoot. The idea behind the decline of point-and-shoots…
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