Fun Smartphones Hurt Camera Sales

The camera industry has made clear that it is having a harder time selling cameras than ever before.
By William Sawalich
I've been writing about photography for long enough that I recall not only a time before smartphone cameras, but a time before digital cameras. In that way, I suppose it's fair to say I'm old school. But I'm no luddite. When the original iPhone introduced the smartphone to the world…

Amazing Photoshop Composite, Star Wars Style

Musgrave transformed the couple into a pair of heroes on the frozen ice planet of Hoth.
By William Sawalich
Here's a short video you should watch if you, a) are at all interested in watching someone who is very good at digital compositing and blending in Photoshop, or b) if you're even a little bit of a Star Wars nut. I'm both, so I love this video. It seems…

Finding Vivian Maier’s Legal Heir

It seems that the various parties who own Maier's negatives may not, in fact, legally own the copyrights to her images.
By William Sawalich
If, as I have, you have been infatuated with the story of Vivian Maier since her tremendous body of street photography was discovered shortly before her death in 2009, then you might find the most recent developments in her story quite interesting. It seems that the various parties who own…

See The ViDi

It's the third generation of the ViDi action camera, and it's available for pre-order now.
By William Sawalich
For every industry, there's a standard. And for every industry standard, there's always an upstart challenger. You'd be hard-pressed to argue that the GoPro doesn't set the standard in the world of action cameras. But the ubiquitous camera does have its flaws. For lots of users, the biggest flaw is…

Photography + Philanthropy = Fotolanthropy

Ten percent of the profits from the sale of Fotostrap go to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit organization with the mission of capturing and sharing true stores of people who have overcome adversity via photography and film.
By William Sawalich
Continuing the recent trend of highlighting philanthropic photographic avenues, allow me to call your attention to Fotostrap. It's a camera strap available in a variety of different styles in fabric and leather, and it's customizable with a monogrammed leather ergonomic shoulder pad. More important, let me call your attention to…

Momenta Pairs Photographers With Nonprofits

Momenta pairs students with local nonprofits to create photo or video stories that speak to the mission of the partner organization.
By William Sawalich
Not long ago I wrote about photographer Colby Brown and his philanthropic organization, The Giving Lens, which pairs photographers with NGO organizations worldwide for photo workshops with a higher purpose. Well I recently learned about another organization with a similar concept a little closer to home. It's called Momenta Workshops,…
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