Impossible Instant Film Gets Even Better

Now the company has announced B&W 600 Generation 2.0 film for use in Polaroid 600 and Impossible cameras that brings black and white instant film to new heights—including superfast development in just 20 seconds.
By William Sawalich
If, like me, you were a fan of Polaroid films, then you were no doubt devastated when the company stopped producing some, then most, and eventually all of its great instant film products. You were also, then, particularly elated (as I was) when the Impossible Project announced it would resume…

Sign Up For Photography Summer School

I get the feeling from the course description, though, that while the class may very well be about producing a photo book, it’s mostly a great excuse for photographers at all levels to spend a week photographing in the visually stunning city of lights.
By William Sawalich
Have you ever wanted to go to summer school for a week to learn about photography? Well then I've got the perfect summer school destination for you. Forget the local community college, this summer you should visit Gobelin's School of Visual Arts in Paris for its week-long summer training program—in…

How To Interact With A Portrait Subject

Check out his article at the ASMP's strictly business blog for great insights.
By William Sawalich
One of the most challenging aspects of portrait photography is the interpersonal interaction. When you're a young photographer, you tend to worry mostly about lighting and composition and camera settings. The more experienced you get, though, the more you realize it's the skill of interacting with the subject that can…

Get More Out Of Lightroom

Lightroom, in many ways, is a lot like Photoshop: it's such a robust application that there's almost always something new you can learn.
By William Sawalich
As a user and a fan of Lightroom, I'm always looking to eke out another drop of efficiency or image quality from the program that touches every one of my photographs. Whether you're a Lightroom newbie or a longtime user like me, you may want to take a look at…

Yousuf Karsh’s Masterful Portraits

As the story goes, Karsh was given just a couple of minutes to photograph the British Prime Minister in December of 1941. Churchill was in no mood to be photographed, and he was chewing on a cigar.
By William Sawalich
I shoot a lot of portraits, and I always look to the masters of portraiture for inspiration. Near the top of that list of masters—maybe even right on top—is Yousef Karsh. Not only is Karsh's portfolio filled with iconic portraits, but the legend of the man has taken on iconic…

Favorite Photos From A Week Of Auroras

Included are examples of the green glow in the United Kingdom, frenetic starbursts above Alaska and a Purple glow way down in New Zealand.
By William Sawalich
Last week was a busy one for weather in a pretty unusual way. Auroras, otherwise known as the "northern lights," were in full effect all around the world. From North America to Europe and even down under, photographers were out in the light night light to photograph the unusual phenomena,…
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