Revisiting Mary Ellen Mark’s Portrait Subjects

Those kids are all grown up today, and they recounted the story of their troubled childhoods that led to that iconic photograph, as well as their reasons for participating in the photo shoot, with NPR’s producers.
By William Sawalich
When photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away in May, NPR went looking for the subjects of one of her most iconic photographs: two children in rural North Carolina, one sitting in a wading pool while the other, her cousin, age 9, stood smoking a cigarette. Those kids are all grown…

Taylor Swift And The Exploitation Of Photographers

The contract goes even further and grants Swift the unlimited, worldwide, perpetual right to republish the photographs for her own non-commercial purposes.
By William Sawalich
Taylor Swift made headlines last week by writing an open letter to Apple in response to what she said was the company’s exploitation of musicians via the terms of its new streaming music service (which wouldn’t pay artists royalties for three months). In response to the high-profile hubbub, the company…

The Photography Career Of Myspace Tom

It turns out he hasn’t just been sleeping in a pile of thousand dollar bills for the last five years.
By William Sawalich
Do you remember “Myspace Tom?” He was the first friend you made when you joined Myspace in the first wave of the social media revolution. Well Myspace Tom, whose real name is Tom Anderson, become a multi-millionaire when he sold his company to NewsCorp a decade ago, and after a…

Stanley Cup Gigapixel Image

Attendees can tag themselves in the scene, so if your friend was fortunate enough to be present for the win, you can see them for yourself.
By William Sawalich
The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last week for the third time in six years. That’s quite an accomplishment, and it makes the ‘Hawks franchise the envy of hockey fans across North America. But another great accomplishment occurred during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals: Blakeway Panoramas partnered…

Photographing Fiery Explosions For Fun

Pete made a series of neat photographs just for fun and, thankfully, he got it all on a behind-the-scenes video we can enjoy via the DIY Photography blog.
By William Sawalich
Here's a neat video of a guy pulling off a complex shoot involving many large explosions. Australian wedding photographer Pete Leong was photographing a family one day when he learned that the husband was in the military and involved in EOD—that's Explosive Ordnance Demolition. Pete's curiosity is piqued, he strikes…

Photographers And Permit Fees

Thankfully, amateur photographers—those who aren't charging a fee for their services—aren't typically required to obtain permits or pay fees for shooting in public parks.
By William Sawalich
Do photographers need permits to photograph in public places—like on street corners or public parks? The rules vary by location, but it's not uncommon for municipalities to attach moderate fees to permits for commercial photography or film production. As a photographer who is sometimes in need of these permits, I…
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