Brave New Camera

It touches on everything from our search for identity to the ways photographs are used to influence thought. It's a very thoughtful piece, in fact, and I hope it gets seen by a wide audience.
By William Sawalich
Is smartphone photography changing the world? According to news outlet AFP, humans shot more than a trillion images in 2014, the vast majority of them coming from smartphones. That's more pictures every minute than were made in the duration of the 19th century. Compared to just a few short years…

Is it Real Or Is It Photoshop?

Swipe left to vote for digital trickery, swipe right for in-camera authenticity
By William Sawalich
The fun folks at Adobe keep celebrating the 25th anniversary of their signature software—Photoshop—in fun and playful ways. The latest is a simple quiz that presents users with a collection of 25 images accompanied by a simple question: is the image "real" or has it been manipulated in Photoshop? Swipe…

Photo Printing Is Dead. Long Live Photo Printing.

In fact, McCabe says, never before has photography been more integral to the daily lives of the American people than it is today.
By William Sawalich
Bloomberg Business recently published an interesting article about the demise of the one-hour photo printing shop. This once ubiquitous feature of the American parking lot landscape is not only long dead and buried, but it has become an almost overnight anachronism, falling from several thousand to less than 200 in…

Cloud Backup Options For Photographers

I really wanted to hear what he had to say. I'm a fan of Amazon's cloud services, and have incorporated it into my workflow in a fairly seamless fashion.
By William Sawalich
I interviewed landscape photographer and all around smart guy QT Luong a few years ago for an article in Outdoor Photographer, and I'm just about to interview him again—and I can't wait. QT is best known as an expert on America's National Parks, but he's also (as I just mentioned)…

Business Mistakes Photographers Make

One of the biggest mistakes I see young photographers making is to undervalue their work. And the lesson I was taught long ago was simple: if you don't value your work nobody else is going to.
By William Sawalich
Here's a great read about the business of photography that's useful for working photographers of all experience levels. It's by Nigel Merrick of the Picture Correct blog, and it's all about the top mistakes photography business owners make. If there's one thing I commiserate with other professional photographers about, it's…

Bending The Light

Canon has released the video on Vimeo's On Demand service, where interested photographers can rent the hour-long film for 48 hours for just five bucks, or purchase and save the digital video for $12.99.
By William Sawalich
There's a new movie about Canon lens makers and photographers called Bending the Light. Director Michael Apted attempts to draw a connection between the passionate photographers who use high-quality Canon glass to make their most important photographs, and the passionate scientists and technicians who create the glass itself. After all,…
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