Monday, November 14, 2011

Speed Up Lightroom

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Speed Up Lightroom

I write the "Tip of the Week" column, in which I try to impart some wisdom to help readers figure out how to do something better in their photographs. It can be almost anything, really, from shooting to lighting to retouching and organizing, but there are lots of little hints and tips that I don't often share because they're a little too small to turn into a whole column. So I'm going to start including some of those smaller tips here in the blog. To that end, my tip for today is helpful if you do a lot of organizing and editing in Lightroom. I'm frequently faced with a folder of 50 or 100 or several hundred images that I want to sort through in order to select my favorites. You can scroll through the images quickly and easily in Lightroom, but I've found that sometimes you're forced to wait while the software renders an individual preview image in a viewable form. This can slow down your editing immensely—unless you happen to know this tip. You can tell the program to render the previews ahead of time, so that as you scroll through the images there's no delay. To do this, simply choose "Render standard-sized previews" under the Previews heading of the library menu. Depending on how many images are in the folder it could take a minute or two, but the time-savings as you browse becomes huge. This is one of my favorite little tips, and I plan to share more of them with you here from now on. And if you'd like more in-depth advice, do check out our Tip of the Week as well by following the link below.

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