Monday, July 16, 2012

Photos Of Le Tour

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Photos Of Le Tour

I freaking LOVE the Tour de France. Every year I look forward to the opportunity to hunker down and watch as much of it as is possible on American TV. That can be a bit of a challenge since we're not quite as devoted to cycling as Europeans. The other way I get my fix is through pictures—like those in this great gallery compiled by the Atlantic. The images from the Tour really are part of what makes it so great a spectacle: not only is it a three-week long test of human will and physical prowess, but it happens in some of the most picturesque terrain in the world. Watching the colorful peloton breeze through quaint villages, glide over mountain passes, fly through fertile fields... It's unlike anything else in this world. And well worth a look, even if you don't understand all the intricacies of the world's greatest sporting event.
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