Monday, September 23, 2013

Lens-Style Cameras: The Next Big Thing?

By William Sawalich Published in Blog
Lens-Style Cameras: The Next Big Thing?
Have you heard of "lens-style" cameras? They're pretty interesting, actually, once you get past the initial shock of their peculiar design. Sony's new QX models are the first of this new style of camera that looks like a lens and affixes to a smartphone. No, they're not just lenses for smartphones, but rather self-contained cameras that are shaped like lenses—with all the camera guts, like the imaging sensor, built in. The one thing they don't have, though, is a control panel. That's where the smartphone comes in. Simply affix the lens-style camera to your smartphone and control the camera via an app. Brilliant! Or maybe not; I suppose it's still too early to tell. One thing's for sure: these cameras have legit features like 20 megapixels, HD video recording and image stabilization—so it sure seems like they'll be likely to find an audience. I'm intrigued, that's for sure.,-Sony-Cyber-shot-Lens/en/p/DSCQX100/B
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