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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Learn The Intricacies Of Time Lapse Photography

Do you marvel when you see a particularly successful time lapse video? I do. And I think it's astounding how these compilations of hundreds or thousands of still images accomplish something that neither straight photography nor strait videography can. Namely, it's a wonderful way of showing change over time, and that's something equal parts informative and beautiful. Admire them as I do, I've never really experimented with making my own time lapses. Sure, I get the basics—shoot lots of photos and compile them together—but that's about where it ends for me. Thankfully, for the very meager sum of only $5, I can now download Dave Delnea's ebook, "Time Lapse: An introduction to still photographs in motion." This looks to be a definitive guide for photographers who, like me, know they want to give time lapse a try but simply haven't got an idea where to start. Consider it a solid foundation for your time lapse education. Read more and download the ebook via the Pixiq blog.



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