Monday, July 22, 2013

Laser Safety For Cameras

By William Sawalich Published in Blog
Laser Safety For Cameras
After reading an article at DIY Photography about how an expensive RED cinema camera had its sensor damaged while recording a laser light show (see the link below), it occurred to me that I wasn't aware of just how much of a threat lasers pose to camera sensors. I knew you weren't supposed to look into them for fear of damage to your eye, but it turns out they're much more likely to damage a camera sensor. So I Googled and found the Laserist blog of the International Laser Display Association. They've published a detailed explanation of how lasers can damage camera sensors, and what you can do to keep your equipment safe. The best advice I've found is a lot like preventing lens fare: if you position your camera where it can't directly see the light source itself, you should be safe. For the full list of suggestions for camera safety, check out
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