Monday, August 5, 2013

KaleidoCamera Brings Light Field Focus To The DSLR

By William Sawalich Published in Blog
KaleidoCamera Brings Light Field Focus To The DSLR
If you were intrigued by the Lytro camera's capabilities, but less than thrilled with the lipstick case form factor, then perhaps the prototype for the KaleidoCamera will be exactly what you're after. Think of the KaleidoCamera sort of like an extension tube with a prism inside, and the prism splits the incoming image into several different beams that pass through a filter before arriving at the camera's sensor. Placed between a normal lens and a DSLR, the KaleiodoCamera can be adjusted to isolate individual colors, or record different tone curves (for HDR compositing) or even to deliver light field imaging (for adjusting focus and depth of field after capture). It's currently just a prototype, but to my eye at least it represents how the Lytro's light field technology can eventually make its way into more traditional photographic workflows. Read more, including some detailed tech specs, at DP Review.
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