Monday, April 15, 2013

High-Resolution RhinoCam

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High-Resolution RhinoCam

So you want to use your favorite Hasselblad lenses with your compact little Sony NEX camera? No problem. That's right: I said no problem. You see, Fotodiox—the folks behind various fun and useful camera and flash accessories—has created a sliding adaptor mechanism that allows you to take advantage of the large circle of light produced by a medium format lens, and after stitching multiple exposures together create a 140-plus megapixel ultra-high-resolution image file. Sure, it won't work with a moving subject, but for still life shooters and landscape photographers, this wacky rig just might make sense. As someone who often laments the loss of those great old Zeiss lenses I used on my Hassy, I'm seriously considering this investment. Read more at then head over to the Fotodiox web site for the specs and particulars.
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