Monday, June 10, 2013

Add A GoPro To Your DSLR

By William Sawalich Published in Blog
Add A GoPro To Your DSLR
You know, I think this concert photographer is a pretty smart guy. He's Pierre Bourgault, and I think he's smart because he stuck a GoPro video camera on top of his DSLR to cover a recent assignment—and that's something that I've done too. The GoPro is such a compact HD video camera that you can actually mount it fairly easily to your DSLR so you can shoot both stills and video simultaneously. Because even though DSLRs now shoot video, I'm always telling clients who ask me to double-dip that, "While I'm happy to shoot both, I can only do them one at a time." With a GoPro mounted up, you don't have to choose: you can shoot video while you're shooting stills. Sure, it's a bit of a compromise (as you can see in this video) but it's not a bad way to go if, as Mr. Bourgault did, you want to double-dip for video while you're shooting stills.
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