Congratulations to Jamie Anderson for winning a 24-35mm F2 ART lens in our recent Sigma Lens Giveaway! A nature and landscape photographer who focuses on scenes from Coastal Georgia, Anderson told us, “We have an extensive barrier island habitat that runs the length of Georgia’s east coast from Savannah to…

Kodak Announces New Retro Super 8 Movie Camera

There is no reason digital and analog can’t live side by side
By William Sawalich
In 1982, Kodak stopped making Super 8 cameras. Then at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company announced it would begin making the analog movie cameras again. The company’s CEO, Jeff Clarke, is known for his affinity for analog formats. He has worked with Hollywood studios in…

“Through The Lens” Debuts Season Two

New episodes debut every Wednesday at 10am Eastern
By William Sawalich
Photographic retailer Adorama has premiered the second season of its documentary series “Through the Lens,” which focuses on the most prominent photographers using the image-sharing platform Instagram. This new season of episodes will travel the country to cover everything from iPhone photography to food, travel, landscape and abstract image making.…

Martian Panoramic Landscape

One of my favorite photographers isn’t a person, it’s a machine
By William Sawalich
Here’s a link to some pretty impressive landscape photos. There’s one catch, though: they weren’t made by a typical landscape photographer. They weren’t even made on earth. One of my favorite photographers isn’t a person, it’s a machine. It’s the Mars Rover, and it recently sent back images that were…

Another Treasure Trove Of Historic Images

For anyone who’d like to lose hours of their day browsing a collection of amazing historical photographs
By William Sawalich
There’s a trend in prominent museums and archives around the world toward increasing online access to the contents of their collections. I’ve written recently about Yale University and the National Archives working on similar open access projects, and now I bring you news of the New York Public Library, which…

Monkeys Can’t Own Copyrights

According to a U.S. federal judge, monkeys cannot own copyrights
By William Sawalich
Good news, for those of you planning to create an army of trained monkeys to take pictures for you. It turns out that according to a U.S. federal judge, monkeys cannot own copyrights. This all stems from the strange-but-true story of David Slater who, a few years back, was photographing…
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