Keepers Of The Streak

Sunday might as well be an official holiday in the United States, as all eyes are on football's biggest game.
By William Sawalich
Are you ready for some football? Sunday might as well be an official holiday in the United States, as all eyes are on football's biggest game. The participating athletes are part of an elite club, but an even more exclusive group are the photographers who have photographed every Super Bowl…

New Self-Timer Solution

It seems like this sort of smartphone integration is bound to become more prevalent going forward.
By William Sawalich
Have you heard of the Michron? It's a little piece of hardware that works in conjunction with a smartphone app in order to replace your DSLR's self-timer and cable release. I happened to purchase a replacement wireless cable release just this week, and it got me thinking about better ways…

From Professional Pitcher To Professional Photographer

Take a look at his web site to see what the athlete-turned-photographer has been up to. Also, die-hard fans may want to make note of his new logo.
By William Sawalich
I know this week is all about football, but I've got some loosely baseball-related news for you sports fans. It's about former major league pitcher Randy Johnson, also known as The Big Unit. The hall of fame pitcher is now solidly into his second career: he's a professional photographer. And…

The Highest Resolution Photo Ever Made

When you look at the zoomable version via the link below, once you get all the way zoomed in be sure to keep in mind that every little dot you see is a star, just like our sun.
By William Sawalich
NASA recently used its fanciest camera, the Hubble Space Telescope, to take the biggest picture ever. It's a 1.5 billion-pixel image of the Andromeda galaxy, and it measures a whopping 69,536 x 22, 230. (I wonder how much RAM they've got on their computer?) It's a composite of 411 separate…

More Bad News For Working Photographers

Smith hopes the photographers will continue to contribute to the magazine, though the group has yet to comment on their plans for the future.
By William Sawalich
More bad news comes to the world of professional photojournalists. Per the National Press Photographers Association, Sports Illustrated has laid off the last of its staff photographers, giving them their walking papers last Friday. The magazine's Director of Photography, Brad Smith, said that there's no change to the direction of…

Learn Light Painting From The Best

Last fallĀ Harold made some impressive upgrades to his teaching facility, including half a dozen new big-screen iMac computers, Wacom Intuos Pro tablets and Phase One Capture One Pro RAW editing software.
By William Sawalich
If I could take just one workshop, I think I'd choose to learn from Harold Ross. You see, while there are countless landscape and wildlife photography workshops, or workshops on various flash photography techniques and other topics, Harold's workshops are about a more unique technique: light painting. Harold is an…
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