Capturing everyday life with beautiful light in the home

Capture authentic family portraits by finding the beauty in easily missed moments

How to plan for and engage kids in lively portrait sessions

How to make skin look great with subtle changes to the position and quality of the light source—whether that’s a strobe or sunlight or anything in between

Breaking the ice and getting the shot

10 ways to capture the unique scenes of the season

Tips for getting the best results when working with a professional photo lab

Create striking images with these five essential qualities of monochrome

On the art of making creative choices after capture

Tips for finding an audience with the popular Instagram App

Tip Of The Week

  • Shutter Basics

    Shutter Basics

    Understanding how a shutter works can make a big difference in pictures and video—especially when working with fast subjects or mixing ambient light with flash

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Your Best Shot

Looking Back In Time

Looking Back In Time

Photo By Bryan Hlagi

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Featured How-To

  • Express Yourself

    Express Yourself

    We use self-portraits to explore a basic question that plagues all of us: Who am I?

  • Extra/ordinary


    There couldn’t be truer words than those found in the Latin proverb, “By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.”

  • Competitive Edge

    Competitive Edge

    Sports photography is one of those disciplines that can be practiced almost anywhere at almost any time.

  • Ultralight


    Use multiple exposures and light-painting techniques to create powerfully luminous images

Gear Spotlight

  • All About Lens Adapters

    All About Lens Adapters

    If you use an interchangeable-lens camera, a simple accessory can broaden your creative possibilities.

More Gear

Popular How-To

Popular Gear

  • The Shutter Sisters’ Great Gear Guide

    The Shutter Sisters’ Great Gear Guide

    Handpicked Cameras, lenses and accessories

  • Epson SureColor P600

    Epson SureColor P600

    Featuring a new pigment inkset with epson’s densest blacks yet, this may be the ultimate desktop printer for black-and-white

  • Sony a7 II

    Sony a7 II

    Sony improves on its extremely successful full-frame a7 with an advanced image stabilization system, faster start-up and more

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