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The Basics of Photographers’ Rights

Do you need permission to take pictures of certain places or things? Usually, believe it or not, the answer is no.
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Bar In Nation’s Capitol To Offer Functioning Darkroom And Beer

"The Darkroom" bar was created to bring the love photography to the community

ThinkTank Updates Shape Shifter Bags

The new bags come in three options, including a modular "naked" version

Fujifilm X-A3 Arrives

New X-A3 features new sensor and touchscreen

PBS Profiles Martial Artist Photographer

How one photographer juggles multiple jobs to support his passion.

Canon Announces EOS 5D Mark IV Camera

Canon's longest running camera models gets an update with the 5D Mark IV.

Over 8000 Apollo Mission Images Released In Hi-Res

Project Apollo Archive recently finished restoring 8400 images taken by astronauts during the Apollo 11 mission.

Stella Pro 10000c Is Light & Motion’s New Handheld LED Light

Light & Motion offers a HMI Replacement that fits into the palm of your hand.

Nikon Unveils New Entry-Level D3400 And 4 New Lens

Nikon has announced the new Nikon D3400 for the enthusiast photographer, along with a brace of new lenses. We’ll be reviewing this camera and these lenses as soon as they’re available. Particularly interesting for aspiring photographers is the Guide Mode, which provides in-camera tutorials on settings and features. The Nikon D3400 also features Nikon’s SnapBridge Read more…

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Best New Cameras

2016 is shaping up to be the year of new camera releases, here are our favorites.

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Handmade Cub & Company Camera Straps Add Beauty To Your Camera

Handmade Cub & Co Camera Straps are made by hand in the U.S., and add retro-beauty to your camera gear.

Hands On With The New Fujifilm X-Pro2

A first look at two eagerly anticipated cameras

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Photo Of The Day By Ryszard Lomnicki

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10 Tips For Better Travel Photos

Pro techniques to help you take unique and personal images for your photographic journal

Indoor Light Portraits

Capturing everyday life with beautiful light in the home

10 Lessons For Your Best Landscape Photographs

Follow these tips and techniques for more creative compositions of the natural world

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Create stunning landscape astrophotography images